Top 18 Best Android Games To Play in 2018

The mobile gaming enterprise is growing at an unprecedented charge and it’s now bigger than ever. While there’s absolute confidence that iOS has a higher choice of video games, Google Play Store has evolved notably from its infancy within the last few years. The wide variety of gaming apps to be had within the Play Store in 2018 (first region) became more than 677,000.

With the discharge of superior hardware, it’s only a count number of time whilst more powerful, stunning breed of Android games will be available. Below, we’ve got compiled a list of exciting Android video games from all the popular genres that you may play in 2018.

18. Evoland 1 and 2

Best Android Games

Price: $0.99 and $7.99

Evoland is a popular and rather particular function-playing sport with the intention to take you to an action-packed journey through the records of RPG and classic adventure gaming. The game starts with easy pixels, 2D characters, primary shades and all of the unfashionable gaming factors you may think about. You might be capable of unlock new technology, higher portraits, and gameplay fashions as you circulate on.

Evoland 2 shares its predecessor’s game-play fashion; how snap shots adjustments as the player journey via time, from 2D RPG, thru 3D vs fight to a shooter, etc. Both games have a good quantity of nostalgia around them and are best for those who need to relive the history. The apps are ads loose and without any in-app purchase options.

17. Pokemon Go

Best Android Games

Price: Free

Pokemon Go became a global sensation returned in 2016, breaking nearly every record formerly set inside the app industry. Developed by way of Niantic, an American software program development organisation in collaboration with Nintendo, Pokemon Go won a worldwide recognition even a few of the customers who had been now not hardcore Pokemon lovers.

The sport is nearly best in lots of gaming aspects and is praised for the superior real-international idea. However, it’s miles ridden with technical problems, common server outages, and commonplace authentication errors.

16. Riptide GP: Renegade

Best Android Games

Price: $2.99

The racing recreation genre is all approximately thrill, exhilaration and I am positive maximum of our readers have their own favorite automobile racing recreation(s), however what in case you’re seeking out something clean and one-of-a-kind from normal automobile racing for your smartphones: you could try Riptide GP: Renegade.

As a hydrojet rider, who’s barred from the distinguished Riptide GP league, you’re compelled to take part in illicit races via flooded ruins and local town waterways to be able to regain your name and misplaced popularity. New and extra effective cars, distinct characters in conjunction with different functions can be unlocked as you’re making development in the single-player mode. You also get to build your own group.

The sport has nearly each element inside the right stability; above-average images, exact controls, and improve system making it an excellent gaming app for race fans.

15. Portal Knights

Price: $0.99/$4.99

Portal Knights someway disrupted the Android world in 2017. As a hack-and-reduce game with RPG progression, sandbox elements the sport functions local multiplayer (over the equal WiFi), controller aid, boss fights, personal servers, a crafting system, random occasions, and different similar stuff. Game’s animations and photos may be a allow down for many, however it’s certain now not bad in any feel.

14. Vainglory

Price: Free

Vainglory is a notably rated multiplayer on-line struggle arena sport to be had of the Play Store. It features a huge forged of characters and a traditional MOBA revel in. The recreation is almost ideal in each department, particularly performance-wise. There are well over dozen unlockable characters, numbers of electricity bars or other capabilities which you may buy via in-app purchases.

13. Life is Strange

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is an episodic adventure game wherein you simulate the individual of Chloe Price, a teenager who develops an unusual relationship together with her schoolmate Rachel Amber and tries to get away her stricken personal existence.

Unlike its unique sport, Before the Storm functions a ‘backtalk’ verbal exchange mode that lets in the participant to have interaction with other characters. Most of the sport-play and endings depend on your conversation selections and once in a while even on your outfit.

12. Super Mario Run

Best Android Games

Price: Free with in-app purchases

To be honest, Super Mario become one among my favourite games growing up and there is a good threat that you have had a comparable enjoy. Super Mario Run is a slightly special take on the traditional Mario titles, with out ditching a few middle factors of the collection. The recreation became initially released on iOS in 2016 and later released on Android.

One of the fine things approximately this recreation is that you could play it with an unmarried hand. You can pull off jumps and fancy mid-air spins simply via tapping the display while he (Mario) continuously runs forward. Though the game is free-to-download, you want to buy exclusive recreation modes a good way to play them without any restrictions.

11. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Price: Free with in-app purchases

PES has a special region in the coronary heart of football fans around. While the game has traditionally been played at the PlayStation and PC, in latest years it’s been available on cell as nicely. The game is unfastened, although in case you do pay cash you may be able to get greater players.

10. Happy Glass

Best Android Games

Price: Free

Happy Glass is an addictive, yet easy puzzle-oriented recreation wherein your venture is to cheer up an empty, unhappy glass by way of filling it with liquid, but there may be a twist. In order to attain your goal, you need to ensure that the liquid, from one set point, absolutely makes it to the glass. You can do it by means of drawing traces and filling gaps.

At first, the project would possibly look quite easy but it gets more hard with every increasing level. It even has room if you want to be innovative and suppose out of the container. On the disadvantage, the game can be frustrating at instances specially because of adverts.

9. Asphalt 9: Legends

Best Android Games

Price: Free

Asphalt 9: Legends is the ninth installment within the Asphalt series. As expected, the sport has several improved capabilities which includes new race modes, extra vehicles, and manage schemes. Nitro shockwave potential is also reintroduced from Asphalt 6: Adrenaline and Asphalt 7: Heat.

There are three one-of-a-kind playing modes; Events, Career and Multiplayer. The career mode capabilities “chapters” every encompass a chain of races primarily based on an unmarried car producer. In Multiplayer, you compete against each different (online gamers) in real-time. Events mode is much like the multiplayer mode where you can participate in a daily or weekly opposition in opposition to different gamers.

8. Plants vs Zombies 2

Best Android Games

Price: Free

Plants vs Zombies 2 is the sequel to the popular Plants vs Zombies that’s advanced by using PopCap Games. The recreation will check your resilience and presence of thoughts more than some thing. Carefully plan and build your line of protection(s) which will take down hordes zombies before they consume your brain.

However, not like its predecessor, the app does help in-app buying of game cash which you can use for gaining energy-up talents for flora: Plant Food that lets in flowers to supercharge for various quantities of time. On August 20, 2013, PopCap Games formally announced the game were downloaded 15 million instances, making it the most a success EA cellular sport release.

7. Fallout Shelter

Best Android Games

Price: Free

Fallout Shelter is a loose-to-play, go-platform simulation recreation in that you adopt the duty of a vault supervisor. Your task is to construct and oversee a thriving network of underground dwellers. You additionally want to provide them with jobs and essential resources which include garments and weapons.

Important resources can be retrieved from scouting missions performed on wastelands, but be wary as these missions can emerge as deadly. While Fallout Shelter isn’t the precise submit-apocalyptic sport a lot of us crave for however it sure is entertaining in particular when you’re searching out some thing casual.

6. The Room Series

Price: Starts from $1

The Room is a chain of four excessive and addictive puzzle games a good way to take you to a mysterious adventure interior a 3-d international. Each recreation is divided into one-of-a-kind stages or rooms. These rooms bring a number of mysterious puzzles which you need to remedy in order to proceed to the subsequent room. You need to copy this technique over-and-over till you reach the stop, but take into account that each the amount and complexity of puzzles will increase with every handed room.

The modern-day addition; The Room: Old Sins bring functions like cloud saving, Google Play Games achievements, and an exploration element which sets the sport apart from the preceding three installments.

5. This War of Mine

Best Android Games

Free: $14.99

This War of Mine is a unique survival sport in which you may manual a small organization of civilians who are trying to live to tell the tale in an obliterated community. Your process is to make certain the provision of food, medication, and other crucial materials for the hideout. You additionally want to make difficult decisions.

The recreation features night and day cycle which provides more to the game dynamics, forcing you to take tactical decisions; whether to cover and defend your survivors from external threats or scavenge for elements that will help you live longer. The creators have carried out a pretty precise activity on pix and content availability but for a much better charge. There are not any further in-app purchases.


Price: Free with in-app purchases

BADLAND is a famous aspect-scrolling adventure sport set within the charming, but lethal woodland inhabited through diverse traps and limitations. Here you will control a small black creature which you need to manual via the jungle. It revolves around 4 levels; Dawn, Noon, Dusk, and Night, each with the special issue stage, topic and colour combination.

The sport is a satisfactory combination of smart layout and dazzling pix/sound consequences. It additionally has a local multiplayer mode (for as much as 4 gamers), stage editor and cloud assist. BADLAND gained multiple gaming awards which include the distinguished Satellite Award for Outstanding Mobile Game in 2013.

3. Minecraft

Price: $.6.99

The phenomenon referred to as Minecraft become delivered to the gaming global lower back in 2011. Since then it has made an easy transition from the realm of consoles and computer systems to smartphones allowing lovers like us to explore, acquire, constructed and fight our manner to the “Cave Game” anywhere we need.

For the ones who’ve never played Minecraft, it takes you to a truly countless international wherein you mine resources, built (from a simple home to a grand castle) and live on by means of avoiding monsters. It’s a sandbox sport so that you don’t have any precise goals and do nearly some thing you want. Although it’s a paid game, few in-app purchases are also their mostly for personalization; skin packs, and many others.

2. Crashlands

Best Android Games

Price: $4.99

Crashlands is perhaps one of the most popular best Android games ever created. The game begins with a scenario where your individual, Flux Dabes an ‘intergalactic trucker’ somehow ends up in a very unknown planet named Woanope. Here, you furthermore may discover an evil plan of global domination that’s currently beneath manner.

Your activity is not most effective to live to tell the tale on the planet whilst constructing all of the necessary steps to confront the heinous plot. Crashlands won 3 separate gaming awards in 2016 and was named one of the 50 quality games of that yr by way of the Time mag.

1. PUBG Mobile/Lite

Best Android Games

Price: Free with in-app purchases

PUBG became an on the spot hit soon after it’s launch in mid-2017. The sport already has over one million lively customers with more than 10 million downloads. It functions nice pix, a touch awkward however powerful controls. The sport-play sets in an island affected by diverse sensible guns, fight gears, and cars.

You’ll tackle 99 other gamers with the equal objective to continue to exist. The gambling area is constantly decreased which keeps matches from going too lengthy. It gets sport factors and other updates at regular durations.

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