3 Best Budget Microphones for Youtube Videos

Hello friends, whenever we are watching a video on YouTube and the sound is not loud and clear. So we do not enjoy watching the video and we play another video instead of that video. So if we are a YouTuber and we create such a video without microphone then the viewer can also skip our video.

If you want a better voice recording in your YouTube video but your budget is low So you have the right place, we will get information about the 3 Best Budget Microphones of 2018 and know about their price.

3 Best Budget Microphones for Youtube Videos:

To record a YouTube audio, however, very expensive microphones are available in the market but not everyone has a budget like this, nor does it require expensive microphone, the top 3 microphone we talk about, the best in the lowest price Audio quality can give us

Like if we go to buy a Microphone Online or offline market, then we do some kind of quality check in it.

  • Clear sound record should be.
  • Noise cancellation should be good.
  • All Devices should be compatible with

If the first 2 quality of these is not correct then the microphone is not of any use to us and it is not good for our video. I have told about the best 3 budget microphone here I have used for my video and I got a very good response.

#1: Lapel Mic For Smartphones | Advotis Microphone:

This is a low budget professional lapel microphone which is compatible with android and ios like smartphones of all kind.

If you want a professional noise cancellation microphone, then it can be best for you and it is specially for Youtuber, which we can easily clip by recording in Shirt or Collar, and can also get 1.2 meter cable. In this case, if you have a related Youtube Channel with Tech, it is best for you.

Budget Microphones

If it’s worth talking about its original price Rs. 699 but at this time only Rs. 229 is available online.

#2: Boya M1 Lavalier Microphone:

Boya Microphone is right for you if your budget is a bit high and you need a better mic. Boya Mic uses all the popular Youtuber and everyone reviews it about it positively and if you have a channel where you have to do outdoor shooting along with Indoor.

So it’s best for you in the Best 3 budget microphones, which is compatible with both DSLR Camera and smartphones. The wire of this mic is very long, so if your camera is away from you, you will also be able to easily record the audio. If you want to buy Boya M1, then this is also your best chance as this Mic Rs. Not in Rs 2,999, but only Rs. 1,090 rupees is getting on Amazon.

Budget Microphones

#3: Zoom H1N Handy Recorder:

If you want the best-in-class i.e. absolutely professional audio, then understand that Zoom H1 is for you. Even if you are recording on the road while playing audio, it can give you a better audio quality, along with it you will find Characteristics of every kind of audio recording. In this you can also apply lapel mic separately.

In this audio recorder you will need a separate battery cell.

Some of its features,

  • Built-in stereo condenser microphones in 90-degree X / Y format
  • One-touch button controls
  • Playback speed control, voice emphasize filter and stereo overdubbing functions
  • Localized and intuitive menus for easy operation
  • 1 year warranty

Budget Microphones

The price of the Zoom H1 microphone will be seen separately at the online store of every one and on the other hand it will be priced at Rs. More than Rs 10,000 But at this time, on Amazon, only Rs. Rs 5,299 is getting in and you buy it now.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying a microphones :

If you are Beginner Youtuber and you do not have a budget, then you do not need to invest in 5000 rupees for buying a microphone. Ha! If your channel is doing well and you feel that audio quality is slightly better then

So your video can perform well on Youtube so you need to buy a Microphone and anyone can buy it according to your budget and need, it will help grow your channel.

According to me, there is no harm to the user from budget Microphone but it is useful. This improves audio quality and increases user engagement. Because 70% of the audio counts in any video.

Friends, you can buy any of the 3 Best Budget Microphones, and all will give you the best audio quality according to your price, which can help make YouTube video popular. If you have any of this and you are using it, then you must share it in your review comment.

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