What is an Algorithm and How to Type Easily?

You may not know What is an Algorithm and if you do not know it then you will not know how to write algorithm. But today I will try to give you some more information along with the answers to both questions, which is algorithm related.

As soon as we wake up each morning, we get to work. Follow some steps until everything is done from start to finish. Every work is like problem for you, and the solution to the problem comes from working. We solved a sequence to solve. To understand with an example, “You have to make tea”, in order to accomplish this task, there is a need to follow some order. Similarly, if you are making bread, you also follow some steps to accomplish this task. Steps for making teas are given.

  • First, add water to a vessel and heat it.
  • Put tea husk, sugar and milk in water.
  • Wait till tea is boiling.
  • Turn off the gas and filter the tea.
  • Tea is ready now you can drink it.

We can say this example given above by the Algorithm. Because it is in a sequence. If one change the order, tea will not be made. May be not something else So far, you might have started to feel a little bit about What is an Algorithm. Your question is, “how does this work in computer”

To do some computer work, computer programs are written. Now we write a lot of steps in the Computer Program. The steps that Computer Execute does and terminate the work. When you tell computer some work, then you must also think about how the computer does this task. We use this for Computer Algorithm. So let’s know from the bed What is an algorithm.ALGORITHM

What is an Algorithm ?

Algorithm (Al-go-rith-um) This is a Procedure (Step by Step Process) or it is a Formula. That solves a problem. This is a Procedure which has limited rules, also called Instruction. The rules which are written one after the other and each of the rules (steps) reflect some or some operation. Solution of Problems arises through these rules.

In other words, Algorithm is a Step by Step process to solve any problem. Now, in a slightly simpler language, there are few steps in the Algorithm, in which each step shows an operation. A step begins and finally there is a step which completes and between the two steps, there are many Steps that do different tasks.

Making rice like this is your problem. To finish this work, let’s write a few Steps. First wash the rice again, heat the water and heat the water and pour rice in it and wait for rice to boil. Prepare the rice in 10-15 minutes. Now every single step here performs some Operation. Like washing rice, it is washed by adding water to raw rice. In every such step there are different operations. Look, here we divide the problem into smaller steps, this is What you had to worry about.

Algorithm has lots of uses in programming. So let us know from the bed how and where they are used.

Uses / Importance Of Algorithm

Algorithm is used everywhere as you can also answer every day problems through this Step by Step Process. Technically, if we say it is used in IT Industry, Business Model, Programming. So let’s do one by one and know about its usage.

  • Algorithm is written before writing a program in Computer Programming. If you are a student of Computer Sc, IT, BCA and MCA, then you have to write a program. Like Check whether the number is Prime and Not? If you start writing this program without thinking, then you may find many errors in the Program. You can reduce these errors if you create Algorithm first.
  • Algorithm is written before creating flowchart. Otherwise the likelihood of making mistakes is increased.
  • Computer Scientist and Software Engineer use it. Because its use decreases their time and effort. Like a Software Company has to develop an app for SBI. Now this is a problem for the software engineer. It will be solved by writing Step by Step. If any problem or mistake is made then the solution is found on the same. Which is easy to develop the application.
  • In Search Engine, like Facebook, Google map Shortest Path, Rating, Searching works through all this algorithm.
  • It used to be a mathematical problem solve, like a small example. You have to find out if there is a Number -ve or + ve? Your mind would have responded immediately to + and – you can tell by looking at the icon. But you will understand but how Computer will understand. For this, you have to type algorithm. If a number is bigger than 0 then it is + ve number and if it is smaller than 0, then that number is -ve number.
  • It is also required to write pseudo code or else it is necessary to rewrite Pseudocode.
  • AI, space research, robotics are very used in all these fields.

This was the question of why the algorithm should ask why this question was something like this why we work. It is very important to have a process to finish everything in a good manner.

Characteristics Of Algorithm :

You know this Algorithm is a Step by Step Procedure. Which explains how the steps will be executed in order to get us the Desired Output. Algorithm is analyzed through two factors. Such as Time and Space Time tells how much time it will take to write algorithm and by space it shows how much time we can write. Let’s talk about its Characteristics now.

  1. Unambiguous – Whatever algorithm you type it is very important to be clear and concrete. Every step or line should mean something.
  2. finiteness Every single Algorithm should be finished within some limited steps. And every step should be Repeat ie Stage Bar. The Exception of steps should also be for a limited time. There should be something meaningful of every step of something.
  3. Input – Every Algorithm must have more than eight steps from O or O.
  4. Output – Algorithm should also have an Output Step as every Algorithm has an Input step. Output should also be the same for which we have written.
  5. Effectiveness – Effectiveness is estimated from time and space. If the algorithm is written in less time and space. Or, in a short time, it is Execute and in less space it is called Effectiveness.

According to the data structure, these are all important categories.

  • Search-item can be easily searchable in DATA Structure.
  • Sort – Order or Sorting a List.
  • Insert the algorithm into the Insert-data Structure.
  • It is a pleasure to update the item through Update-AlGORITHM.
  • The Delete-Algorithm which is in the item data structure should not be inconvenient.

The complexity of Algorithm

Keeping two factors in mind, the Complexity of Algorithm has been classified. One Time Complexity and Second Space Complexity

Time Complexity:
The amount of time it takes to run the program.

Space Complexity:
The space required for a computer to be programmed inside a computer is called Space Complexity.

How to Write Algorithm

It is very easy to write this. You do not have to learn a little more. You would have known in the beginning an example where an ex- how to make tea. In the same way you have to write Step by Step. The need for Algorithm is in the required programming. You can also write Direct or you can also write using some rules.

Rules such as Start, Input, Output, Read, Variable, Display, Stop. Take a look at the following example that you will be able to understand.

Example: 1

Q1. Enter the two numbers and remove Sum of both numbers?

  1. Each algorithm has been written in the beginning and end in the beginning such as Stop / End.
    After this, see how many variables are needed or What to input. Like 3 variables for Sum to the bottom two numbers. Num1 to first number Num2 for second number and to store sum variable Num1 + num2. So think about these variables and start typing.
  2. Now there are some steps where we will have to do arithmetic operations such as +, -, ×, ÷ and some logical operations such as comparison Operation, True False, Junk output Output (false) and 1 (True). You know Arithmetic (+, -, ×, ÷) and an example of Logical like you have to know. “Largest Number among 2 Number” So here you will compare both numbers. Use these symbols to “>, <,> =, <=,! =”.
  3. Now let’s display the display which you can see in the end and write Stop or End in the end step. Now consider this example with the focus.

Step 1: Start / Step Started

Step 2: Declare variables num1, num2 and sum // num1, num2, make the sum variable where any number will be stored

Step 3: Read values ​​num1 and num2. // When the number is entered from the keyboard, it will be read here

Step 4: Add num1 and num2 and assign the result to sum.
Sum = num1 + num2 // Combination of two numbers will be stored in sum

Step 5: Display the display sum / sum

Step 6: Stop // End

Now try to understand some more examples.

Example: 2

Step 1. Start
Step 2. Read the number n
Step 3. [Initialize] i = 1, fact = 1
Step 4. Repeat step 4 through 6 till i = n
Step 5. fact = fact * i
Step 6. i = i + 1
Step 7. Print fact
Step 8. Stop

I always hope you find the right and the perfect and complete Information. I hope you understand What is an Algorithm hope next time When you write, remember these few things – how many variables you want in the program and compute what to do. To control angle cones are to do. Which will be easy to write. Those who try are never lost.

You should have liked this article, how would you feel, please tell me. If you want to ask any questions now, then write the following in the comment box. If you want to give any suggestion or advice please give us what is very useful for us. If you have not subscribed to our blog yet, please subscribe to it. You get information first direct in inbox.

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