What is eBook? How to make e-books and How to earn money?

How to Earn Money from the Ebook?

Hello friends, we know the name of eBook since we do it with Keyword Phone. But at that time we used to think very little about What is eBook? And what’s the difference between book and eBook? Today we will get all information about e-book and together you will learn how to make eBooks? And how can earn money from the eBook.

In today’s time, we all know about both book and eBook and we have our Board Examinations, Job Preparation etc. To use both types of book. But still many people do not know about the eBook nor they know how to create an eBook? So we will first know what is eBook? And then you will learn how to make an e-book and then later learn about how to make a better money through it.

What is eBook?

eBook here means “e” means “electronic” means that eBook is an electronic book, which we can call digital book. By the way, many ways digital books are called e-books but it is most popular.

PDF eBooks i.e. Portable Document Format eBooks

And we read the PDF e-book at our most mobile, computer. Because it supports almost all kinds of Devices and we can easily share and download it from one place to another.

What is the difference between Book & eBook?

There is no difference between the two. But there is a difference between the book and the eBook in the eBook. Books are a physical thing that we can touch and physically take place from one place to another. While the eBook is a Digital things Which we can not physically carry. We can read it through Digital Devices, from one Digital device to another on Digital Device, through Wire and Wireless.

Almost all the rest of the features are the same,

  • We can cover the cover on the book, and we can also cover the cover on eBook.
  • The Index of Physical Books is given in Physical Books, and in the eBooks also, we have given the Table of Contents.
  • In books we can go to the page whenever we want, even in e-books, whenever we can go to that page.

Books, we all have seen, have been reading from childhood. As we grow up, our way of reading has changed and now we get information about our subject directly by downloading the PDF file on Mobile or by opening the Website.

E-Book will find many places on the internet, some of it is paid and some are free. If you want to see an example of an e-books in plain text and a PDF, then you can go to the Tutorialpoint website and you will find all kinds of ebooks.

How to create an eBook?

What is eBook? We got to know this and I think many people have even understood how to make eBooks? But here PDF will create e-book because it is the most reliable and popular format and in today’s time it is used everywhere from mobile to computer.

If we have to create e-books for ourselves, then we can easily create both computers and mobile. Just for that we have some basic tools.

  • If you want to create e-books from Mobile then you need to install Microsoft Word on mobile.
  • If you want to create on Laptop / Desktop, then here you will have to install Microsoft Word Software.

After installing the application, we will have to type the Topic / Subjects e-book on the word as well as we write on our note. With Heading, Image and Paragraph

What is eBook

After writing good about Topic, we have 2 major options for creating a PDF e-book.

  1. We can make a PDF e-book by using Word to PDF Converter through Internet.
  2. Or we can save the document you have written in PDF file as well as save as Direct as Microsoft word and create a PDF eBook.

What is eBook

After using either of these two processes, our PDF eBook File is ready and we can use it in PDF format.

What is eBook

How to earn money from eBook?

When we are talked about What is Instamojo? So we talked about making money from the pdf. Now we know What is eBook ? And how to create a PDF for yourself?

We will now know what we have to do to earn money from the PDF eBook.

If you have information about Content Writing and you do good and unique Content Writing yourself, then you can earn money through e-book.

For this, we just have to login to our Instamojo Account and go to Dashboard Option and click on Add Product Option.

What is eBook

From here we have go to Digital Product option and upload your PDF file and according to its Content, you can sell your eBook by putting a nice cover. But when we select the Digital product option, we get more options as well as file uploads here.

What is eBook

Product Title – Here we select a relevant title according to our eBook.

Default HSN / SAC Code – We do not have to do anything in this option.

Price – From here we can set the price of our eBook. If we want to sell in free, you can select Make this Free option.

Product Description – Here we have to write a little description about your eBook which we have told in our e-book.

Advance & SEO option – From here we can get a Promotional Link of our Product and we can set the relevant Keyword according to our e-Book.

After completing all this process, we can set the eBook on the Instamojo Store by clicking on the Add Product to Store and when we have a Book Sale we will get the money.

Friends, we got all the information about eBook from here. What is eBook? How to create an eBook? And how we can earn money from eBook. This is a very good way to earn online income but we have to do some hard work in this because we have a little problem getting started in book sales from here.

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