Paytm Carding Trick 2018 ✅

Today mostly use paytm for online payment or net banking this is most useful us but you do more with paytm.Today I share paytm carding trick before i told you trick this trick i want share secrete with you that is you can anything do with cc,first thing you noted before carding first creative mind and second security.So next time create some trick and share with us.Now continue with Paytm Carding Method.

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Steps of Paytm Carding Method


Step1. As we always did, open your browser Firefox and clear your history and cache.If you time reinstall Firefox.

Step2. Next is use SOCKS 5, corresponds to the location of cc. You can also use this trick in your android by using proxy droid instead of SOCKS 5.If you use proxy droid you noted your phone was fully rooted.Rooted device is safe for us.

Step3. You can also Connect RDP for more security.{Note:you should take strong RDP System}

Step4. Now login or signup with Paytm. It is recommended to use low Identity account means use fake account.

Step5. Open you paytm account and click on Paytm Wallet to add money, write you desired amount.Please load money 1000₹ maximum.Now click on Add Money to wallet.

Step 6. Now fill CC details and BIN (432***).

Step7. Now you may need to logout, and login after 1 hour with same socks 5 and RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol).

That’s all your Paytm carding done.


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