Vodafone Play – will now get a tough competition to JioCinema

Vodafone Play App Review

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about Vodafone Play App. This is the latest launch Entertainment App, which is similar to JioCinema. But Vodafone Play is something that is probably better than Jio Cinema. That’s why we will get complete information about it here.

We just saw that the Aircel Operator Shutdown is done. Because of Jio, all the operators are disturbed and do new experiments, so that they can leave Jio somehow behind. Something like this has been launched by Vodafone Plan. This is not a Recharge Plan or an Internet Data Plan. But this can give us some benefits.

What is Vodafone Play?

This is a Full Non-Stop Entertainment Destination. Where all Vodafone users, Live TV, Popular TV Shows, Movies, With Sports Channels, you can watch all trending movies, Music in your Mobile Phone,

Understand the way Jio Subscribers provide all services in JioCinema Mobile App Free. Vodafone has launched such a service. For us it may seem like a normal service but Vodafone’s services are for all 209 Million people who use Vodafone now.

I am a Vodafone user along with Jio and I have downloaded this app right now. I liked it very much because we got something better than Jio Cinema. Such as Trending Movies, Shows, or Live Streaming Channels.

Vodafone Play is currently available for Android and iOS, and we can download it from the Play Store for all Smartphones above Android 4.1 and can be downloaded to all iPhones above iOS 7.0.

How to use the Vodafone Play App?

If you are a Vodafone user like me or have 3G phones now, because of which Jio SIM can not be used, then a better chance for you to watch Live TV and Movies,

As I have said, this is a Mobile App which we can download from the Play Store App marketplace. With this, we can also enable this service by sending an SMS on “PLAY” to 199.

Vodafone Play: Download for Android Phone

After downloading the app, we have to create an account from Vodafone Phone Number. As we all use Jio Number to use the JioCinema App. Here is one thing to note that the use of this app can only be used by Vodafone users.

Vodafone Play App

After entering the number, as soon as we enter the Email ID, we will have an OTP Code Send of 6 digit on our Phone Number. After entering it we can login to Vodafone Play App.

Vodafone Play App

Now we can enjoy Full Free Unlimited Entertainment from here. Whether we want to watch movies, watch shows, or listen to songs, we can all get access to our mobile phone.

If we click on the 3 Horizontal Line given on the left Side Upon Corner, then we will be able to see all categories from here. for example..

  • Live TVs
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Kids
  • Videos

Vodafone Play App

The best feature of this app was that I can download any Movie Video, whenever I want to see it. If we are a Vodafone User then we have Limited Internet Data. In such a case, if we are in the railway station, college or any place where Wifi is free. So you can easily download your favorite Videos, Shows, Movies and later see them.

What do we gain from Vodafone Play?

If there is any service, plan or application, then we have no benefit. So there is no work for us, Jio is also used for this reason because we get better offer from others.

Vodafone Play is not a New Concept or Plan but it is best for Vodafone users. If you only use Vodafone, you can access all of these entertainment features in this app. Which is a Jio User from JioCinema.

In Vodafone Play, we also get Hollywood, Bollywood Movies and all Regional Language Movies. Which is another Benefit for us, because many people do not like Hollywood Movies, so they can see their Regional Language Movies.

With this, we can see all the Local & International TV shows and in the coming days, IPL 2018 is going to be Cricket Season Start. In this way, we can also enjoy Cricket Match on Phone.

Vodafone Play Service will get us free in June 2018 i.e. what we get after getting Premium account on HotStar, we will get it right now. This is another Advantage due to which we can use Vodafone Play.

Friends, this is the Vodafone Play review in which I have told every one about that feature. Whatever I have used, if you are a Vodafone user, then you must download it and use it. You will get all the free premium TV Shows, Movies, till June 2018 and you can enjoy it till then. If you have any idea about it, then you can comment on it and tell about it.

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