What is a Kernel? Know the use of the Kernel in the Operating System?

Hello friends, I am again again with a new post, friends, through this post, I will tell you What is the Kernel and how it works in the operating system, so let’s start.

What is the operating system?

First of all, the operating system’s friends like you know that different systems have different operating systems, such as someone in Windows, Linux, Macintosh etc, etc. You can run any software with the help of this operating system. If you do not have an operating system then you can not run the software, so you can run any software like VLC media player, adobe photoshop etc. Also for software running on the main software is what we call the operating system.

Now the hardware and the software of the software are those things which we can touch, such as the mouse, the hard disk, the monitor etc., all these are under the hardware, the software is the things we can see but do not touch VLC media players, adobe photo shows etc.

What is a Kernel?

Friends, for the software to work together with the hardware, the only thing that is required is that we say “Kernel”, a small chip is inserted in the motherboard that says CPU is the brain of your system within which all work is done is.

Know the use of the kernel in the operating system?

Suppose there is a software that requires audio-visual software such as VLC media player. It requires audio-visual software as it plays audio. This is what it is, which software is to connect to which software and to whom to serve All the work Kernel does is how much memory or how many resources to give to the program, even the kernel itself decides.

There are two spaces in your computer system where you work and one where Kernel resides, where the Kernel remains, the normal user in the space can not go, can not work there because if the user works in that place Where there is a kernel, it will interrupt both of them and if it does, then your system will not work well, it is possible that your system crashes, therefore the kernel is given a different place. In the system so that they can do their own work alone and do not have any kind of entrance. Because it is the most important part of the system and a very important task is to do it.

So friends, now you may have known What is the Kernel? And what is the significance of it in the operating system? So if you enjoyed this post then tell us your views and feedback by comment, if there is any question, and if you want to give more information than this, then please tell us through the comment.

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