It will happen! Coming Soon Latest Google Android P 9.0 Mobile OS

How To Download Android P 9.0 ?

Hello friends, Latest Google Android P 9.0 Mobile OS’s Developer Preview has arrived. That is, it is coming soon in our smartphones. But before its update, we will know what new feature we will get in the upcoming Android 9.0 P,

Google Android P 9.0 Preview Image has come for Pixel Device and has a Google Pixel Smartphone. They can download it and enjoy the latest android version first. But now there is a delay in coming to the rest of the Devices and it is believed that the amazing features given in Android which are better for the phone UI and performance.

About Android P 9.0:

So far, it has not been confirmed that what is the meaning of “P”? But its Update & Timeline Release has been released. Google does this every time it launches with android OS first Letter and only its full name is revealed.

According to Google Timeline, Android latest 9.0 OS final release will last till July last. Currently its Initial release is currently running, after which the Beta release will come and then it will be brought to market for testing. According to Android Developer this time,

Google Android P 9.0 Mobile OS

“Android P 9.0 features such features that can be used to fully test any app. In this, the screen size is given in many formats, which will be used for multi-tasking. With this, Network technologies and Hardware architecture were enhanced.”

Android P 9.0 Features:

So far, many people will not get the update of android 8.0 Oreo and Android P is here. I have Xiaomi mi A1, which is Android One based Phone and I could get the update from August 2018 or Oct 2018.

Android P 9.0 UI and Architecture have been Enhance. This will allow us to look different from many Interface and Feature Old android versions. So far, the developer preview has been seen, according to him, we can find some kind of features in Android P 9.0.

Multi-Camera API: This time developers have improved the Camera API and we will be able to use 2 or more cameras simultaneously in the latest Android OS.

The Notification feature has been improved. Now we can see the entire Conversation along with Images, Stickers as well as Direct Text. If we want to do this, we can make a smart reply by using the suggested answer with direct notification.

Google Android P 9.0 Mobile OS

Background apps: Whenever we download an app from the Play Store, we have to grant that app many permissions. Such as Media, Camera, contact, Storage, Id, Messages, such as UC Browser, access to malicious Apps Data even though they have closed them.

That’s why Google has added a feature to Android P 9.0 this time that no apps in the background can access the SD Card, Message, Phone Contact, Id or Media.

Data cost and Task Scheduler: This feature is very important and useful. In Android P 9.0 we can control our task and schedule Single, Pending task as per the desired.

Image Decore: Google has replaced the bitmap image this time and this time the animated Image support has been improved.

With this, the Google Android Developer Team has also added many new features in the latest android, but only after this feature we will be able to know very well when we will be able to install it on our Smartphone by downloading this.

Can Android P 9.0 Download Now?

As I have mentioned, Google is getting the latest Android OS for some of the selected Devices i.e. it can now be downloaded & installed for Google Pixel Devices. But Android P is not yet OTA Update, so if you are an android developer then you can download it.

With this Android SDK Tool has come for Studio 3.1 for its Emulator System Image 32Bit and 64bit. It can be setup in Studio with help from its Migration Guide.

Adroid p SDK versiion

Friends, Latest Google Android P 9.0 Mobile OS is not going to get everyone so fast. But due to release date in the market, it is believed that we will get the update soon. Android 9.0 P is the first of its kind in Google Update, which will be updated in its first Pixel Smartphone, followed by the Stock Android Smartphone.

Then it will be available for all Smartphones. But as soon as its OTA update comes, its Image File will be found on XDA Developers, which we can install in our system. If you have any questions please comment.

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