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Hello friends, Today we will know How to make Musically Video ? Or How to use musically Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp, where Daily Millions Video is uploaded by by Creative, Magic Animation or Song live record.

If you want to share similar video on your social media, Messaging App and you want to build one of your Community, then you are the perfect place. Here we will talk about all the features and services about Details and learn how we can upload our Video Record to But before that I know …

What is musically ?

Musically is a global video community that was announced by Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang of China in 2014. It can be free to download any mobile or computer. This Launch was done in 2014, but at that time it was not more Famous.

It is in trend from 2017 Last Month and 2018 startup and has fully covered on social networking website. Musically every day Million + people record their video and share it like Snapchat with creative expression, effect, song, facebook, instagram or whatsapp. Its Demo you can see from here,

One of my friends who is musically fan, they always do such video uploads,

Musically App Test 😍 Sujoy Dhar Ravindra

Posted by Sujoy Dhar on Monday, February 12, 2018

Musically now another new update has come from here we can record live video and share it on social sites. The feature notice that I have done so far is something like this.

Musically Features:

On musically we can make short video and share it with community. In addition to this there are some features that make Video creative, unique and better.

  • Share Video around World
  • Edit video with Editing tool
  • Add Music to Record video
  • Add Unique & Funny Stickers
  • Add face filter on video

This is the most common function of which we use. With this it has been given some special feature. for example…

We can edit our recorded video with the help of video editing tool and add free pop, rock or any custom music in its library.
Musically, there is a video community like YouTube, where millions of people create profile by uploading Daily videos. We can connect with it and can record any video together.
In Snapchat, we get Paid Emoji or Sticker when we meet absolutely like Snapchat emoji, Sticker Free, which we can apply on our Video.

How to make musically ?

As I said Musically a Free License Application for this, we do not need to pay any money. We can download it in free. It is present in all platforms like Android and iOS. Download for Android. Download for iOS. We can make video only for our personal use, we can not make money from it like YouTube did. If you want to create a video for your personal entertainment, then this app is correct. We can make videos by following some basic steps.

Step 1. After downloading the app, we have to create an account in it, we get 4 options.

  • Creating a Musically Account from facebook
  • Creating a account from Instagram
  • Creating an account from Phone Number
  • Creating Account from Email

We can create a Account in any of these four ways.

Step 2. After the setup of the account, we are ready to create music videos. All we have to do is give Camera and Audio after that we can record video. To create a video we have to press the red color video recorder button.

Step 3. If we want, too many Free & Custom Music can also be added. Many of us here enjoy free international, national and regional music.

Step 4. With Music, we get many Video Effects which we can use while real-time video recording. Such as Rain effect, Fog effect, Fire effect etc.

Step 5. After recording the video, we have to go to the next step by clicking on the arrow on top right corner of the corner in the mobile and from the filter add to video, we can put many filters in video.

Step 6. After setting everything up, we will be ready to do our Video Publish and we can share some videos related to HashTag and write Video Caption on Facebook, Instagram and Community.

Friends, making video from Musically is very easy and we can create a video community through it. Even if we want to download your shared video, you can share it on any Social Networking and Video Sharing Website.

With this now another new feature has been added to With this feature we can create live videos like Snapchat, Bigo Live and create a video with any friend in your Friend List. This trend is trending on social media today and someone creates a musically account and makes a video record. Hope you all enjoyed using it, If you have any questions then please comment.

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