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Hello friends, whenever you think of building your New Website / Blog, then the problem of hosting comes to us. So today we will talk about top free web hosting service “000Webhost review” and also some free most popular hosting services Comparison. So that we can understand who is the best free hosting services.

If you search on the Internet “List of Best free hosting services” then we get to many websites. For some time, the website offers free hosting. But not all providers provide reliable free services, only one 000Webhost is a hosting provider that provides the best service for free.

000Webhost Free Website Hosting:

000Webhost is a hosting provider that provides both free and premium hosting services. But its free hosting is the best and most popular. Because 000wehost free hosting gets the best features compared to the others. is not only the name but also its work. So far, 16,339, 224 websites have been hosted on this and according to Google Customer satisfaction, 000Webhost Free Hosting Service has received 4.7-star ratings out of 5.

Free Hosting

000Webhost Features:

Its Zero cost web hosting offers so many features. So get us on buying a cheap hosting plan. Whatever I have used this feature is something like this.

  • 10GB bandwidth
  • Endless 1000MB Disk space
  • Free Domain Name Hosting
  • Free cpanel and web hosting admin panel
  • Best and Easy Website Builder tool
  • WordPress and Joomla Auto installer feature
  • Full PHP and MySQL Database Support
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Instant Account Activation Without Fees

Free Hosting

Why 000Webhost only for Free Hosting?

We still search the hosting for the website, so we check the feature of its bandwidth, Disk Space, Database and Uptime. 000Webhost meets all the features that we need in a free hosting. I comparisoned all the popular Free Hosting Providers with 000Webhost after that I have selected it.

If you are also searching a free wordpress, Joomla Website Hosting and have a question on your mind that “Why 000webhost for free hosting is best, then you can see the answer from here.

I have a list of top 5 free hosting providers and I am going to compare each of their Feature & services to “Free Hosting Comparison”. From here it will be clear why 000webhost is the most popular.

List of Top 5 Best Free hosting:


Top 5 Free Hosting Comparison:

Free Hosting Bandwidth:

Any hosting is the most basic feature bandwidth and Traffic Decide of any such website. Most free bandwidth in the free hosting meets. There is no condition in which it is found. But 10,000Webhost meets 10GB free bandwidth.

Free Hosting

Free Hosting Disk Space:

The second and important basic feature of hosting is Disk Space, which means we can store how much data we have in our website. We do not need a lot of disk space for website / blog. Normally we can run our work from 1GB to 5GB.

Free Hosting

Disk Space is more important than storage, because disk type, if it is a disk type old feature, then we will get the data transfer rate right and our website Slow will respond. Get a fast & reliable Disk type in 000webhost.

Website Allowed:

Well, we start having trouble buying a domain and ranking it. In this way, we do not make any sense after more than 1 domain hosting. But then all these free hosting we can host so many domains from one account.

Free Hosting

Control Panel:

The most important feature of any hosting is control panel because we manage and control the entire website. Very free hosting provides an advance and better control panel. Many of these top hosting providers do not have it, only 000Webhost is such. Who has the best control panel feature.

Free Hosting

Your Own Ad Allowed:

If we make any website, then we do not say anything to them, and to make money from the website it is very important to advertise. 000Webhost has this feature that we can apply whatever ad they want to free hosting.

Free Hosting

WordPress Hosting:

If we want, we can host a website by downloading WordPress CMS on some free hosting and 000webhost is the most popular website for WordPress hosting, from where we can make Free WordPress Hosting. There are just a few free hosting providers in which this feature is available.

Free Hosting

Free Website Builder:

With the help of Website Builder, we can easily create a website and for that we have to pay a lot of places up to $ 10. But many hosting providers give us this tool absolutely free.

Free Hosting

MySQL Database:

When we create a website, we need at least one database with it so that we can save our data in disk and retrive them whenever we want. This feature is in almost all Free hosting services.

Free Hosting

Instant Backup:

If you do not get Instant backup with any hosting, then it is useless to take that hosting. Since we still host any website, we need Website Backup. Because if we do not keep a backup, then in the future, it will happen to us that our entire website will be deleted and all data will be run.

Free Hosting

FTP Support:

If any FTP support is available with any CMS. Like FileZilla, it is very easy for users to manage website and Add or Remove Webpage, this is a little advance feature so only a few free hosting FTP support.

Free Hosting


This is the biggest problem of Free Website Hosting Providers that they give great bandwidth and Disk Space. But once the website is hosted, it is down and down. Because of which we have a lot of problem. But I used 000webhost I found 99% Uptime in it.

Free Hosting

These are some of the common features we find in every one hosting, and according to me, 000Webhost is a lone Free Web Hosting Provider. Who has all the features available With it 000Webhost we find some such special Functiond & Services free. Which can not be seen in any other free hosting. for example..

  • Password Protected Directories
  • Web-Based File Manage
  • Redirect URL
  • IP Deny Manager
  • Hotlink Protector
  • Curl Support
  • GD Support
  • Cron Jobs Support

How to get WordPress Website Free Hosting from WebHost?

The most popular platform for the website is WordPress and 000 Web Host Free Worpress Hosting Service Provides. Just a simple step by step, a fresh WordPress blog can be set-up for free.

Step 1: To create a WordPress Website, the first thing to go to the 000Webhosting website is to click on the SignUp for Free button in front of the big screen.

Free Hosting

Step 2. Now it is necessary to enter email, password and website URL and click on Get Free hosting.

Free Hosting

Step 3. Signup is completed after email confirmation and after that the Website Cpanel opens in front of us. From here we can create a new website and if we have any website we can upload it. You can install WordPress CMS with it.

Free Hosting

step 4. For wordpress website, WordPress has to be installed by clicking Install Now at the bottom of the WordPress website.

step 5. Once the WordPress is installed, the website is ready and we can see it through the WordPress Admin Panel login and accordingly, you can publish any post article.

000Webhost Review:

After looking at all the features and Comparison, you may have understood that Free Hosting Providers have 000Webhost Best Free Hosting Why?

Well, there are many free hosting services, but 000Webhost is quite popular and Best Free web Hosting. If you are looking for Website’s Free WordPress or Joomla Hosting, then you will rarely get any more Secure and Better Hosting from 000 Webhost. You should use it once and share your experience in comment.


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