How to Apply for Paytm ATM Card / Debit Card?

Paytm ATM / Debit Card How to Order at Home:

Hello friends, everyone will know about Paytm Payments Bank and many of you have applied for a Paytm Bank Account. I also applied for Paytm Account and my account has been verified. Today I am applying for Paytm Payments bank ATM Card and if you have opened your own Paytm account and you do not know that Paytm ATM Card can apply for this, then this information can be helpful for you.

How to do Paytm Payments bank Account Open and what Documents will look for. I talked about it a long time ago and when I applied to Open Account, it was told with Paytm Payments Bank Video Guide. If you do not apply for your Paytm Paper-less account yet, you can get the information by clicking on the link.

Paytm ATM / Debit Card:

So far there are any Mobile bank Wallet or UPI Payment System. We can only connect our Exist bank account to eWallet with them, and through them we can make online payments and many banks give us the option of Virtual Credit or Debit Card.

But these virtual cards can be used only for online shopping or any other online transaction. If we need cash and want to withdraw money from the ATM, then all these are not of any use. I just told 3 mobile banking services a few days ago. In which we can open without a bank account and can also issue an ATM Card.

Paytm ATM

Similarly, Paytm Payments Bank has also started Mobile Banking System. At Paytm Bank, we can also issue Rupay’s ATM Card with all the features of eWallet and use it to use cash from ATM Machine. With this much more feature is provided in the Paytm ATM Card, which can be beneficial for us.

  • All Paytm bank account holder can issue Free Digital Debit Card at the time of account opening and can apply for Physical ATM / Debit Card.
  • Each Account Holder will get Rupay Platinum Debit Card. This allows every user to take the Platinum Benefit. Such as Discount, Offer, Gift Card etc.
  • All account holders will get insurance cover of Free 2 Lac.
  • PayTM’s Debit Card is acceptable for any ATM machine and through this we can withdraw with any ATM.

How Paytm ATM Card be found?

After applying for the Paytm account, we require account verification and given in the Paytm App two options of Paytm Bank Account Verification.

  1. Agent verification
  2. Center Verification

If we have selected the Agent Verification Option, a Paytm agent arrives at the address given by us and the account verifies, after which our account becomes Verify and Activate.

If we select center verification, then we see the address of many paytm verification points on the App. By selecting any nearby center, we can go to account verification and activate your account.

When our Paytm payments bank account is activate, we get it immediately in the Paytm Digital ATM Card App. But if we want a Physical Paytm ATM Card, we have to send a Request for it. After that we get a Paytm ATM Card in one week. But there are some Process & Condition, after which we can send request for Atm Card.

Paytm Digital debit is available at the time of Card Account Opening. But if we apply for Physical Paytm ATM Card So, we have to pay a one-time charge of Rs 120. That is, we can apply for a card only if there is at least Rs. 120 in our account,

I have applied for paytm ATM Card by paying 120 rupees, and if you want to apply also, then you can apply and follow this step.

  • First you have to open the Paytm App and click on the Bank Option.
  • The Debit & ATM Card option must be done from the Bank Option and click on the Request Card option.
  • To complete the request, we will have to enter the Delivery Address with Area PIN code, followed by payment of 120 rupees, by clicking on the Proceed to Pay option and completing the Payment.
  • After completing the payment, the Paytm ATM Card Application Request will be sent and will arrive at Card Delivery Address within the next one week. If we wish, after requesting a card, we can also order track and we can find out how long we will get our ATM.

Paytm ATM

Paytm ATM Card FAQs: Related question of Paytm ATM

After Apply for ATM Card, when our ATM reaches us, then it is only a Plastic Card at that time. Unless we activate him Here I have a lot of questions & answers related to the Paytm ATM Card which is very important for every single Payment Account Holder.

Q1: How to activate ATM Card Paytm?

A1: To activate the ATM Card, we have to go to the Bank option after opening the paytm app and click on the Debit & ATM Card option from there. After that, click on the “Activate ATM Card” option and then have to scan the QR Code behind the ATM Card. As soon as the QR Code Scan happens, we have to enter the Paytm Pass Code and verify the details, then the ATM becomes activate and we can set the ATM PIN.

Q2: Can we use ATM Card for Paytm Wallet balance?

A2: No, we can use the Paytm ATM Card only for the Transaction of the Savings Account.

Paytm ATM

Q3: Can we make International Payment to ATM?

A3: No, Paytm Debit Card can be used only for Indian Marchants.

Q4: How much payment can one pay from the Debit Card?

A4: Transaction of Per transaction and Per Day 25,000 by Paytm Debit Card

Q5: Does the debit card charge for transaction?

A5: Paytm ATM Card will get 3 Free ATM Transaction every month, after which, if any Transaction is done, then for 20 per transaction it has to be paid and Mini-statement will have to pay Rs 5 per transaction.

Friends, hopefully you have come to understand that Aap Paytm ATM card is not it? If you have opened your account in the Paytm Payments bank, you can apply today for the new Physical Paytm ATM Card and get the Paytm Debit Card. If you are having any problem in sending an ATM request or some error is coming, then please comment below.


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