Apple App Development vs Android App Development

Advantages of Android Apps And Their Development Over iOS

Every organisation needs an app. Whether providing services directly through the app, or as a supportive tool to your product, an app is almost always a good idea to build your brand and customer experience. But developing apps isn’t easy. App development can be done in house if you have the skills or be outsourced to an app development agency. Either way – you need to decide what platform to develop for. IOS and Android account for almost 100% of the market – so the choice is either to develop for IOS, Android or both. Each has its benefits.App Devlopment
Know Your Target Audience: Demographics

You will hear a lot that you should develop for android because they have the bigger market share – 88% of the market to be precise – but that’s not always the case. Whilst yes, Android devices make up far more of devices than apple does, these are concentrated in certain locations. For instance, developing nations are dominated by Android devices. Whilst everybody you know might own an iPhone – the opposite is true in the developing world. iPhones are financially out of reach for these individuals. The same is true in the United States. Low income individuals rarely have enough to afford an iPhone and Android devices dominate in this demographic.

Therefore knowing your target audience is probably the most important deciding factor for what platform you should develop for. If the app is designed for individuals with high income and based off of marketing from high influence users then an IOS app is probably your best bet. But if you are making an ad based revenue app that needs high volumes of downloads – android could be for you.

Monetization Strategy

As touched upon above – your monetization strategy is very important for deciding what platform to develop on. As a hard and fast rule, choose android for ad revenue apps and apple for in app purchase monetization models. On the whole, apple apps make more money (up to 70% of the money android apps make) but this can be made up for with androids large user base.  Apple users tend to spend more money on apps, meaning that in app purchases are more lucrative in IOS whilst ad revenue is better on Android.

Development Time and Cost

According to most sources, Apple app development time and cost is lower. Typically an Android app has more lines of code – and hiring developers on an hourly rate means they are usually more expensive to produce. The increased code an means more time troubleshooting and writing, usually meaning that they take longer to develop also.

However it should be noted that getting an app up on the google play store costs just $25, compared to $100 for apple. It’s usually easier to get approved for an android app.

What platform you choose really comes down to your target audience. If you are looking at high income individuals and have a tight budget – an apple IOS app is the best place to start. For a more broader net with an ad revenue based monetization strategy – think about adding an android app or solely building for android.

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