10 Second Advertisement on TV costs Rs 3,50,000

How Much Money Does It Cost To A Video Ads On TV?

Hello friends, Whenever we do our television, 99% of the chances that TV On is the first advertisement is displayed. In the Cable TV, Ad comes so long that we feel free to have a TV channel with advertising. But today I will tell you about some of the facts related to TV Advertising which you will not have thought of. Like the 10 second advertisement on TV, it costs Rs 3,50,000,

Indian TV advertising Rates has been increasing with the speed of the past few years and now it is time that according to the TV Channels Ad, the price is not calculated according to the second. Right now, Update of Indian TVs has come. Through which through which the country is famous news channels, it has updated that Indian TVs will charge 3.5 lakh for the 10 second advertisement.

In such India, there is a TV channel with many famous and high TRPs, and they have to pay Advertising Charge according to Per Second. Here I am going to tell you about some of the TV Channel Advertising Facts, which will surprise you and you will have the same question that you wish you have a TV channel.

Indian TV Channels & Advertisement Rates:

Whenever you see an advertisement for an App, Website, Business or Product on the TV, we feel that ad placement is very cheap on TV and if we also started a business in Future, then we can also launch all the TV Channels Ad for your Products. And can advertise throughout the country.

But after watching the TV Channels Advertising Rates, you might find some other way to get started for your business marketing. I have told about some of the famous TV Channels of India and their advertising rates here.

Star Plus Advertising Package:

Star Plus is a famous entertainment TV channel in the country, at present, for 10 second video advertising on Star Plus, a package of Rs 3,28,174 will be required. The advertisement of 10 Second will be displayed on Star Plus Channel 1 to 3 times a day throughout the day and if you have to advertise only once and for a second, then it will have to pay 7,500 rupees.


Colors TV Advertising Package:

Colors TV Big Boss keeps tabs in discussion and because of this, this rating point is also more. If 10 Second Advertising is to be done on Colors TV, then it will have to pay a 1,99,500 rupees for a Video Ad. Which will be shown 3 times a day for one week.


Sony Entertainment Advertising Package:

The second advertising charge on Sony Entertainment is 2, 250 rupees and if Sony has to take 10 Second Advertising Package for a Week, then charges Rs 1,57,500 for Sony TV’s 10 Video Ad. In which it shows Video Ad 3 times a day and 21 times in Week. If the effect of advertising is good, then it can be shown 6 times a day.


Zee TV Advertising Package:

Zee TV is one of the most famous Entertainment Channels and among the most expensive advertisement TV Channels. At this time, Zee TV charges Rs 5,206 for Per Second ad and for charging 3,65,500 rupees Per Week for 10 Second Advertising Package. In which Zee TV plays 10 Seconds of Week One Video Play once a day and 7 times in Week.


Sony Max Advertising Package:

Sony Max is the most famous movie channel and it is very good in any other Channel in TRP. At this time, according to 10 Second Advertising Package per week, 67,500 rupees. In which daily 10 video ads will be shown up to one week and Week 7 times if Ad Performance is good, then it can also be shown 3 times a day.


Friends, this is some of the most famous TV Channels of India and their Advertising Packages, something similar to Indian News Channels. If there is a video ad on any channel, then we can do online request.

How to apply ad on TV Channels?

First we thought that only Actor, Politician, News Anchor or Actress are seen on TV and no one else can come on Television, as time went on, we got information about all things related to Television. At present we all know that anyone on the TV can come and anyone can put their own advertising program.

If you have a Business, Product or Services. You want to place Video or Banner Ad on Television Channels. So for this, you do not need to go to a TV Channel Office. Just talk to the TV Marketing Team through the online website and you can discuss about your advertising program.

There is a website called ReleaseMyAd, which is a medium between TV Channels and Customer and anyone from here can apply for Advertisement. Just for this,

You must open the website http://tv.releasemyad.com/ and create an account.

The channels to which they have to be advertised, have to select that channel. In which language, Ad Video Update is to be selected, it must be selected with the category of Channel.


After selecting Channel and Category, after clicking on Go, the list of all related Channels will start. Anyone who wants to select Channel has to click on the Details button.

After clicking on the Detail button, you will find complete information about that Channel’s advertiser program, ad price, time. Together, Negotiation will also get the option. If you request a good and attractive advertising from TV Channel Marketing.


Friends, Indian TV Channels Advertisement rates are going to grow further and the price of 10 Second Advertising Package may be 5 lakh or more as all TV Channels Cable, DTH, as well as Social Media Network and all Digital Marketing Joined the way. Whereas its TRP is getting more and more than before and with Ad Impression Rate and Price too, Hope has been helpful for all of you, if you have knowledge about the TV channels Advertisement Program, then share it in the comments.

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