How to download YouTube video thumbnail ?

Ways To Easily Download YOUTUBE THUMBNAIL:

Hello friends! “THUMBNAIL” works as a cover for the video, whenever we upload a video on YOUTUBE, then YouTube shows up to 1,2,3 “Thumbnail” videos from their own! And you can also put your custom THUMBNAIL, which is much more than YouTuber. If you put “Thumbnail” in your well-designed, then it will be more profitable for your video. From that, Views and Likes will also grow in your video! More often, YouTuber also misuses this thing! Visible to “Thumbnail” from videos that are not in the video! This is called “CLICK-BAIT” in the technical language of “YouTube”.


We all have fun watching YouTube or online videos! But do you know? We look at the video “YouTube Thumbnail” to decide which video we want to watch or which video not to watch! Yes “Thumbnail” will be as attractive as we would like to see that video immediately but if “Thumbnail” is normal, then we will dislike it without seeing that video!

What does YOUTUBE THUMBNAIL work with?

By the way, the use of “Thumbnail” is limited! Because more people do not have the necessary information about “Thumbnail”! More like “Thumbnail”, bloggers like to put in their image of feature image! So that people click on the article by the charm of “Thumbnail”!


Downloading “Thumbnail” first was very tricky! But now you can easily download “Thumbnail” in your PC or Laptop! Without any tamarind.

STEP 1: First of all, open the “Youtube Thumbnail Download” site and you will see a search box on it.


STEP 2: Now you go to YouTube and copy your favorite video link which you want to download “Thumbnail” and paste it into the search box.


STEP 3: And now click on “SUBMIT” and this “Youtube Thumbnail Saver” will show you “Thumbnail” in various resolutions.


STEP 4: Now you click “Right Click” on the image and click “Save Image As”!

STEP 5: Whether you want to rename the image or save it on the default name!

so friends ! This way you can download any YouTube Video Thumbnail.

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