How To Make Online Calendar ? Canva With Beautiful Design

How TO Make ONLINE 2018 CALENDAR ? With Beautiful Design:

Hello friends ..! Many new things come in the beginning of the new year and most important is our Calendar. New Calendar in the New Year | How good it would be to be able to create your own calendar – according to your own way, your choice of calendar So let’s see how to create Online Calendar.

Friends, you do not have to become a Designer for this. Today I’m going to tell you how to make online Calendar very easily. Well there are so many tools available to create a calendar in the online world, but the collection of Canva’s Online Calendar Template is great.

It is easy to know, in a short time, to create a beautiful online calendar, where you can do a calendar design in minutes. But before that you will want to know what the benefits of creating online calendar can be.

You can take care of your days with your Individual Calendar. Whether you are a student or an office visitor, be a boss or a good looking woman. Calendar helps us do daily work on the right day and planning ahead.


Canva is a Free Designer Tool, with the help of any beginner or Experienced itself, you can design your own calendar and download them without paying any charge. It is not that there is no other free service besides this.

But a lot of templates and images are already given in Canva. In such a case, if someone is a beginner, there is no idea of ​​having a calendar design. They can also create a New Calendar by customizing Suggest Templates. Canva has over 1 million images and you can also upload your photos to create a calendar. Some of these are paid and some are free.

Well, I do not need to tell me how to use Canva. Because it has so many easy and helpful navies given to it that anybody can create a calendar for them and download them. Still, I tell you about making a calendar.

It is very easy and in a few clicks you can prepare an individual calendar.

How To Create Online CALENDAR On CANVA –

  • Create a new Canva Account to get started with your Calendar Design.
  • Select the templates from the Library of Canva to create Calendar.
  • Upload your photos or select more than 1 million images, your favorite image.
  • Fix your images, add great filters and edit text.
  • Finally save and share.

If you are making a first time calendar and using Canva for the first time, then I’m giving you Step wise Point –

You can prepare online calenders by doing simple steps in less time –

Make Online Calendar

  • You will find different types of Canva Layouts by which you can select your favorite Calendar layout.
    Make Online Calendar
  • With the help of drag and drop, you can add the Layout to the page and add text to it and add image. When you select the Calendar layout, 12 months different layouts come in. This way your one-year calendar is readily ready.
    Make Online Calendar
  • If you want to change the photo, upload your image or select more than 1 million images from the library.
  • Easily change the font, choose your favorite font from 130 font, select Add font.
    Make Online Calendar
  • Change Background, choose a background from the Library of Canva or use an image.Make Online Calendar
  • This is how to make Calendar easily. Save and download after making the calendar.

So friends, now you may have known that there are many easy ways to create a beautiful calendar. So if you want to create an attractive calendar for yourself, then you can use modern online calendar tools instead of paper. Learning new technology and making calendars for yourself can be very fun for people of all ages.

Some of the samples of the calendar you can see below.

Make Online Calendar Make Online Calendar Make Online Calendar

Something you can see belowMake Online Calendar

So friends, if you understand how to create an online calendar, then share this post with your friends and if you have any questions, please comment below and ask. Just like we put a post every day, you can also subscribe to our Newsletter too.

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