Google Android Auto : Smart Way To Car Driving

Now Make Car Driving More Smart

Google always launches new Smart & Helpful Devices, Apps and Services. In order to make every single work more easy and smart, Google Android Auto is a smart app with help from Car Driving to make it even easier and smarter. Such as Smart Car Driving Navigation, Smart Music Play etc.

Android Auto App is not a Mobile App service, this app is for those who have Android Phone as well as Android Auto Supported Car / Vehicle. Because this app is not like Google’s Go Files or any other application, Google has made it specially for vehicles.

What is Google Android Auto ?

This is a Smart Driving Application with a simple interface. Who will help Car Drivers in Smart Mode using all the features like Navigation, Music, Calls at the time of Car Driving. Downloading Google Android Auto App in Mobile can be connected to the Display in Car, and then this command can be given with the Power button along with the Large Button System.

Features Of Android Auto:

Often, we have to look like Car Display for Music, Navigation or Calling, as your Car Driving. Because of which, the problem is to face the problem of driving the car by balancing it.

But Google Android Auto App has been designed to make music switch or use any other features during Car Driving. So you can use any feature you can see without a display.

  • Large Button Interface
  • Powerful Voice Command
  • Real-time GPS Navigation
  • Real-time traffic alerts
  • Receive & Make calls via Voice Command
  • Play Music
  • Send or Receive Messages
  • More than 300 Car Model Support

How do Android Auto App Download & Use?

Google Android Auto is a Free Android App that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. After installing the App in Phone, only 2 things should be done and after that it can connect with Car Display.

  • USB Cable
  • Android Auto Feature Supported Car

If your car has Android Auto support, then you can easily connect to Car Display via USB Cable by looking at Step.

Step 1. First, go to Car Display ON and go to Setting Option and then go to Input / Output Setting and go to Smartphone Setup Option. Here, select others in Devices, select USB 2 in Connection and choose Android in Mode.

Google Android Auto

Step 2. Now the phone has to connect to the Car Display via the USB Data Cable.

Step 3. After clicking Phone and Car Connect, click on the Android Auto option in the Car Display and enter Direct in the App and you can use its feature.

Guys, Car Driving can be made smarter by Google Android Auto, and the Navigation, Music & Calls option can be used in a much easier way. But there is a slight problem in its Voice Action, it does not recognize Hindi Word quickly. With it if there is a slight problem in the pronunciation. Then it gets solved due to it. But Overall Its All Feature is Best.

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