How to Hack Android Phone Details ?

How to hack Android Phone ? The answer to this question is also quite simple and difficult too. If you want to hack Phone call, you want to record Remotely Video from someone’s phone. So you have the right place. Today I will tell you about such a trick. With the help of which you can hack Call Detail of any android mobile, know its GPS location, take video or photo from his phone.

What is mobile hacking?

Mobile Hacking means finding a way to do any mobile. Through which any information of that mobile can be accessed and controlled from anywhere. Many Hackers use Mobile’s Mobile Hack for their Personal Benefit, and some Ethical Hackers do Hacking to save others. It is illegal to attack someone else’s Mobile Hacking under Indian Cyber ​​Law, but you can do your own mobile Legally Hacking.

TickleMyPhone (Remote App):

TickleMyPhone is a Free & paid Android Remote App. With the help of this app, we can easily hack calls to any Android Phone by giving a command, Photo Capture can send any phone’s data to your Gmail Id. With this many more features are available to hack the Android phone on TickleMyPhone, such as ..

  • Pop up Setting
  • Call Number
  • Take Photo
  • Take Live Picture and Send Image
  • Record Live Video & Send Video Footage

How To Hack Android Phone by TickleMyPhone?

If you want to hack any Android Mobile from the TickleMyPhone App, you have 2 phones. One on which you will be hacking and the other you will by hacking.

First phone: Whatever mobile phone you have to hack, you must download and install the TickleMyPhone App from the Google App Store, then open the app and go to the “Manage SMS / Text Message Rules” option.

Now here you will get many options, such as ..

  • Call Back
  • Call Back speaker ON
  • Vibrate
  • Pop up Setting
  • SMS Acknowledgment
  • Where are You?
  • Take Photo
  • Record Live & Capture Live Photo and Send footage
  • GPS setting
  • WiFi Setting
  • Send Mobile Info
  • Send Call Log Details
  • Send contact information
  • send all sms
  • Send Call Detail Report

You can choose any features according to you. Suppose if you want to use the Call Back Feature, then you click on the Call Back option and save the “CALLMEBACK” message by copying it.

Second phone: After setting up the TickleMyPhone App in the first phone, whatever command you send via SMS from another phone, you will find it in another phone. example If you first send the call via the CALLMEBACK Command SMS, then you will get a call from Automatic first phone and you can listen to the first person sitting around the phone.

Friends, hack Android Phone is a bit hard to do. I had told about it earlier, by using the TickleMyPhone App, you can remotely take details of someone else’s phone. When you can install the TickleMyPhone App in his phone. You can use these tricks to monitor your children and use them for self-awareness.

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