Best CC Shop 2017

Best Cvv Shops List 2017

My previously post Best Site To Buy CC for Carding is good list update combination but due to some fault we have updated the list again after many research. Hope you get some benefits for this.

buy cc

Carding is not very hard you just need cc, socks, method and sometimes bins. People face many problems they worried which site are trusted seller of cc sometimes site give dead cc which is not useful for us. So, today I sharing a huge list of site, where you can buy cc. Here the list of site when you can buy cc is never except that everyone help you there are lot of scammer and ripper. Everyday thousands of people ripped a name of carding so I give you advice own do carding. So in the I am giving them a tag and short description, So you can identify in future which is best for buy Credit Card.

Tags are :

  1. Scam: It is not guaranteed you get live or dead cc some site of full fill scams.I tagged them with Scam.
  2. Bad: Its site transaction feature are very bad.
  3. Not Bad: It is new site but not know good perfect work or not.
  4. Good: It is perfect but some default occur.
  5. Excellent: It is perfect for you, this site are trusted. It is recommended to use them.



NOT BAD : = Uniccshop = Uniccshop = only for us = Reselling Cc On 6 -7 Different Shop !


Hope you like this Best site to buy cc. If you know about trusted site which are not mention please  tell me through a comment.
Enjoy Carding ☺ let’s know shop of credit card.


  1. nice post admin
    question : what do you know about hack sites that transfer Western Union .?

    do you information about this way?


  2. I really like your update on cc, i have been ripped so many times. now i will try one of your perfect cc shop and see how it turns out.
    as anybody used any one of this site? should plsss comment.
    admin do you have a page where you respond to questions?
    thankx guyz.

  3. This is a bad list! is a Scam site. You will be asked to send $25usd minimum to get your account set up but that $25usd you send will never get deposited in to your account. When they think they can get more, they will make your account show close to $25usd like $22.98 usd so that you think there was an error and deposit more again, but your balance never gets past $25usd. Also all the numbers on the site that says how many dumps they got are all bogus. If you pay attention, those figures never changes. The original was done years ago before 2012. The site now is just set up by Feds as a site example they use to show how frauds are done when they are hosting conferences. They will try and track you also by IP when you send them a message via support on there. Dont be fooled!! Know your s**t!!

  4. Nice post Admin. Been reading your posts about carding and they’ve all proven helpful, really easy to understand, thanks. Would like to engage in carding ‘practically’ and I need good, trusted and working sites I could buy cc/cvv. Already checked most of the sites above but i’m having issues with the major ones I visited. Thanks in advance.

  5. Tried just about all the excellent shops none open then I try nonvbv and it says send 15$ to get in I send 15$ 3 times and never get in all the shit might be a scam

  6. Admin, I think you’re not so sure about all these sites you mentioned because you said it yourself you tagged it Bad and Excellent so which one to choose.
    BAD :

    Excellent: . How can you say is “Bad and Excellent” at the same time?

  7. Thank u shubham for providing such a details about carding…
    I m a beginner in carding and has been ripped 21 time in buying a live cc..
    I m in search of a trusted website which sell live cc for carding…
    I hope u give name of a trusted seller…

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