What is Computer Localhost ? How to Enable

Computer Localhost Server

The computer Localhost word will all be heard by many people. But do you know What is Computer Localhost ? Or What is ? And what is used for. If you do not know then you are the right place, because if you want to practice Website Development or Computer hacking. So it is very important to know about Computer Localhost. Because both of these practice require a server and can be the cheapest and most secure server from Localhost.

What is Computer Localhost? Or What is

Localhost i.e. Microsoft computers have Local Server or Local Network. With the help of which Windows Computer can be made a Local Web Server and all the HTTP Web Application can be run offline / test. It is also known as Internet Information Services (IIS). If you do website development and you want to test your website on the HTTP Web, then you can make your computer a Web server by enabling IIS Feature and test the website itself on the computer.

  • Often all of you have heard from Ethical Hacker or Black Hat Hacker that there is no other place like Localhost. To learn more about Hacking Practice, it is because any kind of hacking practice on Localhost is legal and you can do anything on your computer.
  • All of you probably do not know, whatever the website, Web Applications, Servers are present on the Internet Network, they all have two types of address.
  1. Physical Address: Localhost, Google.com, Facebook.com, Trick4hack.com These are all physical addresses and we can remember them by name.
  2. Logical Address: Every Web Application, which is the original address of servers, is in the form of an IP (Internet Protocol). Such as Local of Localhost, it is converted to Physical Address with the help of the ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) so that people can easily remember the name.

How to enable localhost?

There are two ways to enable the Computer Localhost server that lets you create a computer server.

Enabling localhost with the help of software: With the help of either of the Xampp Server and Wamp Server names, you can enable localhost in the Windows Computer. Just for that you have to download and install them.

Making localhost without the help of software: The localhost is Microsoft’s service, so every IIS feature is already provided in a Windows computer. To enable the IIS i.e. Localhost Server to see the step,

Step 1. First go to Control Panel and click Uninstall a Program.

Computer Localhost

Step 2. Now click on Turn Windows Features On or Off.

Computer Localhost

Step 3. As soon as you click on this option a box will open and it will get two options.

Computer Localhost

  • Internet Information Services
  • Internet Information Services Hostable Web Core

After you click on both of these options and click Ok, Localhost will be enabled after some time.

Benefits of Enable Localhost:

What is Computer Localhost ? And seeing how to enable it, you might have understood so much that it is not for any Normal User. If you do website development or want to learn hacking, then Localhost Server can be beneficial for you.

  • A website is required to run a real-time test on any website or to run Server Side Code. If a person is an Individual developer, then he works from home to website development, so that server can not buy it, so with Localhost he can make Computer a server.
  • A server is required to learn hacking because hacking on someone else’s server is illegal. Therefore, for those learning hackers it is very important that they know that What is Computer Localhost ? And how to enable them. Because the Localhost server is a place where legally hacking can be done.

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Friends, here is the information that What is Computer Localhost ? Or What is ? If you want to create Server Side Website (PHP, JSP, ASP) then you should know what is localhost and how to enable it. Because no Dynamic website is run without a server and Localhost is the cheapest and best server. Friends, if you have liked this computer and networking information, then you must share it and you will definitely want to add Facebook for all updates.


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