8 Tips That Will Never Come Virus On Your Computer

Hello guys! In this post I will give you some information that you can use to save your laptop or computer from Virus, so let’s read what are the tips –

avoid computer virus

1.Search Hollywood Celebrities Securely

With the search of your favorite Hollywood celebrity, your phone may come with viruses. Along with the names of World Celebrities, malware and virus are sometimes attached. In 2015, Intel Security Group released the list of Most Dangerous Celebrities. Up to 20 percent of the virus came to the computer and laptop when it was discovered. These include 10 names such as Katie Perry, Britney Spears, Luke Brian. Therefore, keep in mind the celebrities’ secret footage, click on controversies. Do not click on every link. Read articles by visiting Trusted websites or official websites of celebrities.

2. Identify Secure Websites

So far ‘Http’ is considered the security certificate of any website. But sometimes viruses come from ‘Http’ websites too. Therefore, before visiting any of the Unknown sites, check that there is no Logo of lock before ‘Https’ in the address bar.

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3. Keep the use of the Cloud service meditation

In today’s time cloud service has become a good option for keeping your data safe. But here you can easily get viruses in your system. Whenever you use the cloud service, keep in mind that your data is in encryption mode.

4. Advanced Antivirus Install

Antivirus works well only when it is kept updated. Virus, Worms and Trojan Horses are made everyday. Antivirus updates need to be updated to fight these. There are many antivirus in the market, in which there is a new feature available to eliminate the new virus every day. Virus can be avoided by installing such antivirus

5. Watching Online Movies is Safe

Viruses are infected ads on many such sites, such as torrent-like freeware movies, songs and other media downloads. These directs of interaction come into your system. Watching them online without downloading movies will reduce the chance of getting a virus.

6. Daily scanning

By downloading only anti viruses on your device, your device is not safe from viruses. Regular scanning is necessary to protect you from viruses. Before working on computers and laptops, it should be put on scanning daily. With this, the device will work with the speed as the virus is free.

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7. Do not Update Message Ignore

Repeated updates about Adobe Flash, Java, and the operating system may disturb you, but by updating them from time to time, you can save your system from malware and virus attacks.

8. Avoid such phone calls

If you have a phone call in which the caller tells you to download Google software from a Google company, telling the problem in your system, you should refuse it directly. If you download any such software, your system may be infected with viruses.

So friends were some tips with which you can also avoid Virus if you like this post, please tell us through the comment.

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