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Friends, First of all, we will know What is e-commerce? And why it is selling and How it is done (How to Sell Product on e-commerce). E-commerce refers to the electronic business or online business done by the computer through internet, as e-commerce. So today we will tell you that e-commerce is a very useful work in the times of today’s web, which caters to our smallest and biggest needs. E-commerce is a very useful thing for those who are short of money, i.e people who buy online. At the same time, e-commerce has opened many new ways for the businessman, i.e, businessmen. Any type of business, and any person can earn money by doing business on e-commerce (Make money online with e-commerce).

How To Sell Product On e-commerce?

But now the question arises that ultimately how selling is done on e-commerce (How to Sell Product on e-commerce). So we have brought very interesting Idea for you. Hundreds of thousands of E-commerce Websites are working in India, who are doing many things from cloths to electronics. But only those of them are selected by the top E-commerce Websites that are the most popular and used by Maximum Indians

In-direct Selling Stuff –

If you do anything offline or any product / service offline, then sell it online for doing business on its e-commerce website. Or you can sell online by buying any products. To sell online, you must either have an account on a Personal e-commerce website or a Seller site.

On the e-commerce website, any person takes their own product and lists them through the seller account, i.e. can publish any of their products on that website. If a person wants to buy that product, he will buy that product on that website.

If that product does not belong to the E-commerce company, then the company orders the product for that seller. After that e-commerce company, the person in the courier department delivers the product from the seller to the buyer.

The buyer gives the money to the company after the delivery of Net Banking or Cash on Delivery means. Then the e-commerce company pays money to the salar.

Direct Selling stuff –

The person who owns his own product can do direct selling stuff by making himself his e-commerce website. But these processes are quite big. And initially it has to invest in it. And this business may take a lot of time to do good work.

There is no guarantee of success in this. So you need a lot of experience, money and patience in the Direct Selling Stuff. So, the new e-commerce salesman should avoid direct selling stuff.

Sell Product On e-Commerce

Selling through registered e-commerce website –

As we have mentioned earlier – In-direct Selling Stuff, you can slip any product through the registered e-commerce website. So lets tell you how we can sell indirect. First of all, we have to create a sleeper account on any e-commerce website.

How to create a Seller account on e-commerce website –

In order to make your seller an account in any e-commerce website, first you go to the website’s sales panel, after which you fill out the Seller account form. This form will be filled with your personal details like a document (vat id, Bank Account number, pen card). After this, access to your website will be approved, through which you can do product list.

Sell Product On e-Commerce

Listing products –

When your seller account is registered in the e-commerce website, you can upload the clear product of your product and the features of that product through the ‘List Product’ price. After being a product list, he starts appearing in the Product Catalog of E-Commerce website. If there is any problem or difficulty in listing the product during this time, then take the help of Seller Support.

Order processing –

Whenever a buyer purchases your product through e-commerce website, the website company will order that product. After you pack your product, attach its bills and papers to the company’s courier boy and then it is the company’s job to get that courier to the correct address. When successful delivery of that product, the company pays you within 15 days.

  • In order to start selling good on e-commerce website, you need to take care of many basic things, so that in the coming times, selling can be as much as possible.
  • If you are doing an indirect selling stuff in e-commerce website, then you should have a very good product, whose quality is very good. Because there are many e-commerce websites in the market, there is a lot of salesmen sitting there to do business there. Therefore, seeing the Competition, the customer of their products has to show the reliability.
  • Along with the quality of that product, its photo should also be elegant and attractive on the e-commerce website – Full HD, so that people will feel like seeing your products.
  • The review or content of any product should be written well, that is, to show its quality and use, so that people will question you about that product after seeing it.
  • Focus on the customer’s demand and price at the most, which is the focus of the buyer. You should keep the margins of your products low. So that customers are attracted to your products and their rates as well, that customer will be able to buy that product too.

    Friends, in this post it has been told How to Sell Product on e-commerce (How to start selling on e-commerce)? If you want to earn money online then this is a great way through which you can earn lakhs of rupees sitting at home. There are many people who sell Commerce daily products such as Flipkart, Amazon, eBay and earn money from them. From Trick4Hack Facebook you will find information about all the latest tech here.

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