How To Delete Computer Error Files

Delete Computer Error Files

Very often it happens that we are working on the software open on the computer and suddenly it comes by writing Software Not Responding and the software stops working. Or the computer suddenly gets back to work. This is because many of the Temporary Files in Computer are filled with Error Files, due to which the RAM is full. Because of this, there are many more problems in Computer / PC such as Computer Booting Problem, Computer Hang Problem, Software Working Problem. Today I’m just saying that How to Delete Computer Error Files ? If there is such a problem in your computer, then you are the perfect place.

What is Computer Error Files / Temporary Files?

The Process Break in the process that is running on the computer is Computer Error / Temporary Files. For example, if we are downloading a movie from Internet, then if a complete frame of Movie is not downloaded, then it gets saved in Computer Error Files.

When we install any software on the computer, software installs for Computer does not require anything that is not needed in Save to Error Files. It only happens in the Windows Computer because it does not have the ability to detect error files in another type of OS. There are many other ways in which Computer Error Files Generate. for example..

  • Error / Temporary files are generated when downloading from the internet.
  • There are many error files generated when working on software.

How To Delete Computer Error Files :

Just like the Android Mobile is the easiest and user-friendly OS, Windows is a User Friendly Operating System for computers, but it is difficult to know that Windows Computer Error Files Delete how to do this? Those days which do not use computers. If you do not have the information about Deleting Computer Error / Temporary Files.

After a few days, the computer will not work properly, it will take a lot of time to boot, after that when any software like Video Editor Software, Word, tally, Excel will be working, then repeatedly with Not Responding Message Software And maybe some important files could not save due to it and it should be deleted.

It often happens that people get annoyed by doing Computer Reset or Windows Uninstall. In which he wasted a lot of time. But if everyone knows that Computer Error Files Delete how do you? So, the computer performance will be fast and repeatedly the problem of hang will not come. So let us see how to delete Error / Temporary Files,

Error / Temporary Files is saved in 2 places in Computer C: Drive

  • C> User> userName> App Data> Local> Temp
  • C> Windows> Temp

There is no need to waste time trying to open these two files by going to C Drive. For this, there is some shortcut that lets you open them with RUN command. Just follow steps for this.

Step 1.

Press the Windows Logo + R Key together in the Computer Keyboard. On the Computer Screen, something like this will open the small box, this is called RUN Command.

How to Delete Computer Error Files

Step 2.

Now if you type temp% in the RUN command and click on OK then Save Temp Folder will open in the first place and if you just type temp and click on OK then Save Temp Folder will be opened in the other place.

How to Delete Computer Error Files

Step 3:

After opening the Temp Folder, select All Error Files (ctrl + A Select All) followed by Shift + Delete Key Press. Permanently Delete All Error Files.

How to Delete Computer Error Files

Friends, here’s been told that How to Delete Computer Error Files ? If your computer is not working properly, it is hanging repeatedly. It may be because the computer has too many Error / Temporary files. It does not need to re-install the Computer Format, or OS. You can delete Computer temporary / Error files as described here. If you have not joined our Facebook, Twitter yet, then get connected quickly.

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