Top 4 ways to Download YouTube Videos

How To Download YouTube Video

Today I will tell you about Top 4 ways to Download YouTube Videos. So if you want to download Youtube videos on the computer, then you are the perfect place. Often you will be searching all over the internet that How to Download YouTube Video? Or who is the Best YouTube Video Downloader? But hardly you find a way to get help from Youtube Viedos very easily with Help. I have told Youtube Videos Downloading Tricks here. It’s all very easy and any Beginner Internet User can also download video from the Top 4 YouTube Downloader.

4 ways to Download YouTube Videos :

All of you probably do not know, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world where people visit 1.5 billion logos every month. And all of you must know that every kind of video is uploaded on YouTube whether it is Movies Songs, Trailer or Web Development, Motivational, Educational Video. In this case, if you are a student or a corporate, and you want to learn something from YouTube, you can only find Internet in college or office. So in this way you can download all the videos of your work with the help of all these Top 5 YouTube Videos downloader.

# 1. Download the Video by adding the YouTube URL “SS”

When you open a video on Youtube, there will be some such address in the above URL,

  • Https://

You put the SS in the URL address before youtube, something like this

  • Https://

After this, search by clicking the Enter button, a new tab will open in front of you and you can download Video by clicking on Download.

Download YouTube Videos

#2. Download video from ClipConverter

This is an Online Web Application from which online video can be converted and downloaded without any software. Before you download YouTube video, first open Youtube Website and open the video to download it,

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Select the URL of Video and Copy,

Download YouTube Videos

After copying the URL, open ClipConverter ( and paste the video URL and click on Continue.

Download YouTube Videos

# 3 Add a KISS to the YouTube URL and download the video.

It’s like the first tricks, just like you add the SS to Youtube. And in Kiss Method, you have to add Kiss in the Video URL before Youtube. Then click on the Enter button and download the video.


Download YouTube Videos

# 4. Http://

It is a free Youtube Video Downloader software that you can install in your computer and you can download video from almost 1000 sites alongside YouTube. In this also all you have to do is paste the video URL and download the video by downloading it.

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Friends, here is a detailed description of “Top 4 ways to Download YouTube Videos“. 3 of the top 4 Youtube downloader is such that you do not need to download any kind of software. You can simply download YouTube Video with the help of Web Apps. Hope you liked this tricks and are very good for you.

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