Top 8 Operating Systems That Used Hackers [2017 List]

Best Operating System For Hackers

Hello friends, I am once again with a new Hacking related post, friends, if you are interested in hacking and want to hack or become a ethical hackers, then you should know which operating system you will be using for hacking, and If you do not know then let me tell you about 8 operating systems you can use to hacking, so let’s start –Operating System For Hackers1. KALI LINUX

Friends Kali Linux is a type of professional tool box, which has around 300 different types of tools which are used to check security limits and also their policies and procedures, it is a famous operating system, which is mostly used by hackers Ethical do for hacking. Kali Linux exists for all gadgets – HP Chromebook, Cubieboard 2, CuBox, CuBox-I, Raspberry Pi, EfikaMX, etc.


Friends after Kali Linux comes backtrack OS, Backtrack OS was created after a few years of testing, due to which it was considered a functional Penetration Testing System. The Backtrack system was especially designed so that it did not leave any clues during testing.


BACKBOX is an Ubuntu based Linux system, there are all the tools inside this system which are used in hacking and all the tools are fully updated, this system is very fast and it is very easy to work on, Provides used tools that you can use to check Web Application Analysis, Vulnerability Assessment, Exploitation.


Friends Nozdero provides you with approximately 300 Penetration Testing Tools, this system has been compiled with a few components of both Linux and Ubuntu systems, the specialty of this system is that you can use it to test any live system. Some of the default applications that already exist in this system – Mozilla Firefox Web Browser, F-Spot Photo Manager, Rythmbox Music Player, Transmission Torrent Down-Loader and Office Suite.

5. Samurai Web Testing Framework

Friends Samurai Web Testing Framework is a kind of live Linux environment that is used for Web Penetration Testing. There are many good tools for testing and attaching in this system.


Friends Hackers use this system mostly for WiFi Hacking because there is a lot of wireless tools inside this system that make this system worthwhile, this system has some tools – SQL Hacking, Cisco Exploitation, Password Cracking, Web Hacking Etc.


This is an Arch based Linux system used for Penetration Testing. In its last update of this system, its user has got to use around 1400 tools which makes this system necessary for Hackers.


STDknoppix is ​​a Linux-based operating system; Before running this system you must know the Linux system because it uses Linux command lines, this system can be used by professionals as well as new people, some of STDknoppix The tools are -Packet Sniffer, Vulnerability Assessment, Wireless Tools Server Tools, etc.

So friends, here “Top 8 Operating Systems That Used Hackers”, if you enjoyed this post, then you tell us through a comment and give us your feedback.


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