8 Applications that Make Slow your Android / IOS Phone

Hello Friends, Today I’m going to tell you about some of the applications that slow down your phone.In Smartphone era Every one Use Android Phone and use many of them android apps. But you ever notice you install Applications, It is good or not for your Phone.If you think about your phone have better life then you are right place. Because, Today I post about some Apps which is very Harmful for you Smartphone. Let’s see which types of app which make you phone become slow.

1. Launcher Apps and Themes

To make the phone creative and retractable, users like to download some kind of Launcher app and Themes app. These apps consume the memory of the phone and make it slow. The use of wallpapers and themes with phones is good for phones.

2. Antivirus Apps

These apps, which claim the security of the phone, make the phone slow. Many times, we can download any antivirus app without knowing what antivirus would be right according to our handset’s configuration. Downloading a third-party antivirus app is not good for both the phone’s performance and battery.

The antivirus app is only useful when you download APK files frequently in the phone. Now companies have started delivering inbuilt softwares in their handsets, which not only protect your phone from Virus, but also keep phone data safe.

3. Shopping Apps

E-commerce companies give more discount on luggage when shopping with their apps. In this way, users install multiple shopping apps in the phone. These apps do the most memory conjugates of the phone In this case, the phone gets slow.

4. Battery Saver Apps

Like a RAM booster, the battery saving app is also of no use. These apps also make the phone slow. So if you’ve downloaded and downloaded an app, then delete it

5. Cleaning Apps

Cleaning applications claim to enhance the performance of your phone by clearing junk files and cache from smartphones. But these apps slow¬†the phone’s processing. You do not need to download the app separately to clear the cache.

To Clear Cached App Without Touching – Settings >> Storage >> Clear Cached Data

6. Apps that claim to save RAM

Apps that claim to save RAM make phones slough. Also, the processor’s performance is also waked. The processor of our phone is so powerful that it keeps on saving the phone’s RAM itself. It is better to delete these third-party apps from the phone.

7. Widgets

Keeping Widgets in the phone can be helpful at times, because this gives you all the work things on the home screen of the phone. But they make the phone slow. Placing multiple widgets in the phone slows down its processing. It also conjugates the power of the processor even when the phone is locked and its screen is off.

8. Heavy Gaming Apps

Having heavy gaming apps in the phone is like slipping the phone. If you keep 2Gb – 3Gb heavy games in the phone, uninstall them immediately.

Here I told about “8 Applications that Make Slow your Android / IOS Phone” Hope you will get these tips … If you like it, please do not forget to share and comment.

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