How to create a DVD from a computer

How to Burn CD / DVD Via Nero Burning Software?

Today I’m here to tell How to create a DVD from a computer? And Which is the best software for this. If you want to burn any movies, songs, docs to the DVD, then you are the perfect place. All of you will know that the DVD is the cheapest storage device yet. Any good company’s DVD will be found in only 20 rupees and you can store around 4.6GB Data Store. In such a case, if you want, you can burn movies, songs, software and OS to your DVD drive and then use it in any computer later.

Nero DVD Writer Software:

Nero Burning ROM is a Multimedia Creation Software, with the help of which you can burn CD, DVD and Blu-Ray discs on your Windows PC. Nero Burning ROM Software is used to make ISO, Disk Image, Optical Media, and Operating System Bootable Copy.

This is a Simple Burning App which anyone can use with a lot of ease. If you are using it for the first time then you should read it carefully.

How to create a DVD from a computer?

To write a DVD, CD or Blu-Ray Disc from a computer, you will need some things. After that you can burn your Movies, Songs, Software into a DVD.

  • You must have a DVD Dics, if not, then you can buy Blank Disc of 20 or 25 rupees from any Electronics Shop from Market.
  • Your computer should have Nero Burning Software Download & Install.

After you have completed both of these requirements, you can see this step and write the DVD. And make your own DVD.

Step 1. First of all, open Nero Burning Software and click on the “Star” option. Then select Make Data Disc option from here.

How to create a DVD

Step 2. As soon as you click on the Make Data Disc Option, a Window Open named Disc Content will be opened. Here you can click Add Option.

How to create a DVD

Step 3. Click Add Option to add the file that you want to burn to a DVD. Such as a movie, software, backup, etc.

How to create a DVD

Step 4. After adding the data, click on the next option.

How to create a DVD

Step 5. Now here you have to set the name of the Disc, Writing Speed ​​in Final Burn Setting. Thereafter, 2 check boxes will be provided below.

  • The first check box will be written, Allow Files to be added later, that means if you want to burn something further in DVD then you can select this option.
  • Verify Disc After Burning i.e. when your disc is burned, then you want to check, if yes select it.


Step 6. You will have to wait some time for DVD Writing Start when you click on Burn. Once the burn is complete, then your DVD will burn.

How to create a DVD

Friends, here I have told that How to create a DVD from a computer? & How to use Nero to burn DVD? If you want to burn Movie, Software, OS from the DVD to yourself So you can download Nero Burning Software and see all the steps mentioned here, you can burn a DVD or CD very easily. If you liked this trick you must share it.

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