How to Add 2 PC with LAN cable

Add 2 PC With LAN Cable ?

There are many ways to connect 2 PCs, such as connecting a PC to Remotely, connecting PC to WiFi Network. But there is no Accuracy and Speed ​​in Wireless Connection and Wireless Data Transfer. Which comes by Wired Medium. So here I have How to add 2 PC with LAN Cable (Ethernet cable)? I’m about to tell. If you want to share all the data from a PC with another High Speed ​​Data Transfer Rate in another PC. It is best to connect and transfer data from LAN to Ethernet.

How to add 2 PC with LAN  Cable (Ethernet cable) ?

You just need a LAN or Ethernet Cable (RJ-45) to connect 2 PCs. You can buy it from any e-commerce website or any computer shop. If you already have one, then you just see these steps …

Step 1:
First of all, connect LAN to your computer’s Ethernet Port.

LAN Cable

Step 2:
After connecting to the cable, now it’s time to set an IP address in both computers, for this you have ..

  • Open Control Panel and then go to Network and Sharing Center Option.
  • Then click on the Change Adapter Setting option in the side.

LAN Cable

Now you press the right mouse button on the Ethernet option and go to Properties.

LAN Cable

Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) option in Ethernet Properties and go to Properties.

LAN Cable

Now set Manually IP ( and Subnet Mask (, then click OK.

LAN Cable

Step 3:
Now come back to the Network End Sharing Center option and click on Change Advance Sharing Setting and you can ON or ENABLE all the options given here.

LAN Cable

Step 4:
After you enable all the options, you go to My Computer and whatever drive you have to share. Such as C Drive, D Drive etc., right-click on it. and then…

  • Go to Properties.
  • Select the Sharing option.
  • Click Advance Sharing.
  • Tick ​​the Share This Folder option.
  • Click on Permission.
  • Tick ​​on Full Control.
  • Then close all options by OK.
  • Enable all settings

LAN Cable

Step 5:
Now you come to another computer and go to Network and Sharing Center and set the same IP. After that open My PC and click on Network Option. Here, you will first show the name of the computer. Click on it to connect and transfer the fee data.

Friends, here’s How to add 2 PC with LAN Cable? If you want to transfer high-speed data between 2 PCs then you should use LAN Cable. Because there is a very slow data transfer through WiFi. But if you want to connect only 2 PCs then you can use WiFi as it is very easy trick and if you want to control PC with Mobile Phone you can control PC via WiFi. Hope this tricks would have liked you and would have been beneficial for you.

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