Top 10 Programming Language 2017 You Must Learn

Top 10 Programming Language

Friends, as you know, this year is going on in 2017, is this year ready for you to learn some new programming language so that you can increase your in-depth competence? If your answer is yes, then I will tell you about 10 easy and affordable programming languages ​​that you can easily learn.

As you know, the need for Skill programmers has increased a lot in the past few years as well as the coding job has become the main tool for employment.

If you are new to the programming world then there are many ways for you to choose your programming language, you can choose any language (App Development, Web Application, Web Design) according to your need.

So let’s know about the 10 main programming languages ​​that you would like to learn: –

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JavaScript, also called “Language of the Web“, is the reason that it is being used everywhere nowadays. This is a high level, dynamic and interpreted programming language that now supports every web browser of nowadays and It helps Developers to add a nice web application and add some exciting features, Elements to Websites.

Growth Of JS In 2016: 97%


Java, it’s a normal and object-oriented programming language that helps the programmer, in preparing Server-Side Application, Video Games and Mobile Applications, since it is the core element of any android mobile, Java is still quite among the programmers. It is famous and it is being used very fast.

Growth Of Java In 2016: 63%


Python is the most famous and common programming language in today’s time. Think about any work you do and the Python Framework is present for you as its syntactic is very simple and Python’s priority is to learn more, without any hesitation Python of you can teach in 2017.

Growth Of Python In 2016: 54%


Ruby, it’s a normal and object-oriented programming language that supports more than one type of programming Paradigm and helps in the preparation of a web application, except that it is very easy to use and it is known for its power is. Demand for “Ruby On Rails (Rails Is A Framework)” is very high today.

Growth Of Ruby In 2016: 66%


Php is a Server Side Scripting Language, which is used primarily in web development, has two large Internet companies that use Php, Facebook, WordPress. If you wish that you also have to become Web Developers then Php is very important for you that you can learn.

Growth Of Php In 2016: 43%

6.C ++

The C ++ programming language is mainly part of the C family and is a General Purpose Object Oriented Programming Language. About hundreds of applications, software, drivers, firmware that we use have been written in C ++, C ++ in the intermediate level degree Which has the characteristics of both high level and lower level programming language.

Growth Of C ++ In 2016: 43%

7.C #

The C # programming language is created by Microsoft, which is crafted as a C-Sharp, a general purpose, modern, object-oriented programming language, a new programming language that works under the .NET Framework. Programming in C # is very similar to C and C ++, so if you have a lot of information about C and C ++ than learning C # will be very easy for you.

Growth Of C # In 2016: 88%


Go is an open source programming language whose purpose is to create simple and reliable software. It was created in 2007 by three Google employees. In today’s time, Go has become one of the most popular programming languages, which Google uses in its own production systems. Many Go projects are used to prepare Web servers, APIs, Minimal Web Application firmware.

Growth Of Go In 2016: 93%


Scala is a general programming language designed to cater to Java’s shortcoming. Its source code is the compile in the Java byte code which runs in the Java virtual machine. Scala’s Grow Dies Together

Growth Of Scala In 2016: 54%


In the year 2014 Apple Company decided to create a new programming language that would prove to be helpful in creating IOS and OS X applications. After the Swift was ready, its demand in developers increased so much that many people started learning this. It uses some of C and Objective C and helps developers to create an Intuitive App.

Growth Of Swift In 2016: 262%

It was our Top 10 Programming Language which you can teach this year to further enhance your skills. Do not forget to share your views and feedback with us.

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