Best Ransomware Protection 2017 Protect Your Data From This Virus Full Information

Best Ransomware Protection 2017 or Ransomware Virus Prevention

Ransomware You may have been aware of Virus Attack, because you are seeing messages about Ransomware Attacks on whatsapp and Social Media. Today I’m going to tell you about Best Ransomware Protection 2017.

So if you have a Ransomware Cyber ​​Attack on your computer or you want to save your computer from this dangerous virus then you have the right place. What is  Ransomware I already told something fact about it in this post full information about how to prevent them. Here I’m just going to tell you about Ransomware Recovery or Ransomware Prevention, from which you can remove Ransomware Virus from Computer (Remove Ransomware) or you can save it from its attack (Prevent Ransomware).

Ransomware Virus Attack (How does it happen)?

All of you know that all Virus is a Computer Program and Ransomware is also a Computer Program. Which works in 2 Phase “Encyption” or “Cryptolock” and “Decryption“.

Hackers in “Encyption” or “Cryptolock” Phase, send Ransomware Virus to Victim’s Computer via Email, Software, Pen-Drive. If Victim is able to open that file in his computer, then all the data on the computer is encrypted. And a deadline message show.

In “DecryptionPhase hackers, Victim’s Computer Decrypt i.e. Unlock. But for this, they demand too much money. After paying the money, he unlocks the computer again.

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Note: Hackers use a Cryptographic Key to lock encryption. Therefore, Ransomware Virus can not be unlocked unless the computer that has been encrypted. Unless it is decrypted by Hackers with the locked key.

How to Know if Ransomware Virus on Computer Has Been Cyber ​​Attack?

If anyone has a Ransomware Cyber ​​attack on the computer, then all the information encrypt on the computer will be locked. If he wants to open anything in Computer then nothing will be open.

Sometimes this Virus Effect is only on a Particular Drive (C Drive, D Drive etc). It runs Computer but it gets Drive Lock.

Cyber attack in china
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Best Ransomware Protection 2017:

Ransomware has ravaged May 2017 and so far more than 200,000 computers of 150 countries have been caught by Ransomware Virus. And the biggest thing is that no cyber security team has ever been able to find out who is doing it and doing it with the said. So if you want to have Ransomware Virus Attack on your computer, you have to be prepared for it first. for example..

  • Create Daily backup or Restore Point in Computer. So if the computer comes in some way in the ransomware attack, then you can easily backup it.
  • Use Best Internet Security Purchase Antivirus (Kaspersky, Quick Heal) and if you use it, you must update it.
  • Always keep Computer Firewall open and you can not open any such email which you do not know about.
  • To download anything from Internet, always use its official website and if you are copying software or any other information from someone else’s PD to your computer. If you do not have PD Auto Open, then scan it first and then copy it.
  • Use the paid anti ransomware removable tool such as Karpersky Anti-ransomware, Avast Ransomware Virus Detection Tools.

If you use good Ransomware Protection 2017 friends. You can avoid the Ransomware Virus attack because the Ransomware virus can not be corrected by the computer. Unless Ransomware Hackers correct themselves. So you better understand Ransomware Recovery or Ransomware Prevention and implement it in your computer.

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