How to Root and Reset Micromax Phone without any effect your device

How to make Hard Reset and Root all phones of Micromax

How to reset and root micromax phone? Today I will talk about resetting almost all the popular phones of Micromax Smartphone and routing them. Very few people know about mobile formatting or phone routing. While everyone should know about Android Mobile Format and Root about it. Because if Phone Slow is running, forget the phone’s password or want to do something new in the phone. So it’s important to know about Android Smartphone Root and Format. There are many Micromax Smartphone users who want to reset the Micromax Phone to Root and Hard but they do not know that How to Root and Reset Micromax Phone or How to root phone Safely (How To Secure Phone)? .
How to reset and root micromax phone?
Micromax Smartphone was the most popular Android in 2014 and at that time or in India there was also more selling than Samsung smartphones. At that time, it launched about 50 to 60 models of Android phones, most of which run on Android Kitkat OS. So in the current time Android Nougat is running and Micromax does not offer any of their phone updates. So what if someone has a Micromax Canvas or similar phone? If he has to change something in the phone then he will have to root his Micromax Phone or if he forgets his password by mistake, he will have to hard reset / Format / Factory reset. So I have told everyone on my behalf how Micromax Phone

How to Hard Reset Micromax Phone?
Hard resetting of phones of all types of Micromax is the same. Whether it’s Micromax Canvas, Bolt, Enlaza, Doodle, Nitro or any other Smartphone. You can reset it in this way.
Step 1. First switch off the phone by pressing Power Key.

Step 2. Now press the Volume Up and Power Button on the phone for a while.

Step 3. When the Android Robot Popup Show on the phone, press Power Button.

Step 4. Press Volume Up Button as well as pressing Power Button. Now your phone will get Recovery Mode ON.
Step 5. Now from here, go to the Wide Data / Factory reset option with the Volume button and select that option from the Power button.

Step 6. Then select YES from Power button, after some time your phone will be reset. You can reset it, all the phone’s data will be reset to Password.
How To Root Micromax Phone?
An App is the most popular for Root of any model of Micromax phone. But ever before rooting the phone, get this information that what is rooting and what are the advantages or disadvantages of doing root? Because of having a Smartphone Root, the phone gets damaged many times. There is also a lot of harm with the benefit of doing the root. If you have information about all these things then you can do Micromax Phone Root.

Just for that you have to download and install KingRoot App. Kingroot comes for both Windows and Android. You can use any one according to your convenience. Just keep this in mind, before you can root, take backup of all the data in the phone and save it.

I have tried my best on How To Reset And Root Micromax Phone? If you have any problems in your Micromax phone and have a problem with the problem of rooting and hard reset, you can comment below.

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