Best Ads Friendly Topic For YouTube Videos

Ads Friendly Topics for YouTube Videos

Today I’m about to share our thoughts about Ads Friendly Topic for YouTube Videos. In this case, if you are a YouTube Creator and after any YouTube SEO Trick Use, there is no increase in your YouTube channel revenue. So you read the YouTube Idea I told you once.Since the new update of the YouTube Community has arrived since April 2017, it will now get 50% Revenue on YouTube and at least 10K views of the Monetization enabled channel. Since then, it has become possible that 50% of all channels except Tech Channel are not earning.

One of my friends has Prank channel, which belongs to the Entertainment category according to YouTube Policy. He uploaded a Prank Video on his channel around 10 April, on which Total Views came, about 60K and Earning only $ 0.63.If you are a YouTube Creator, then you do not need to explain how difficult it is to get 60K views, and not only with my friends, it is happening with all YouTube Creators. Those who have over 100K above are Subscriber easily with Sponsorship or No direct promotion is available.

But those who have less than 100K are subscriber, they will not be able to spend Month $ 100 at this time. Many people have also mailed to the YouTube Community about why revenue is decreasing.

YouTube Community said that many big advertiser brands have removed their ads from YouTube. That’s why this is happening and together also said that the Future will only show ads on the same video. Ads that will be Friendly Videos.

In this way, YouTube Community has made some suggestions about some Ads Friendly Topics, how you can show ads on your Youtube videos.

Ads Friendly Topics for YouTube Videos:

Sexually Suggestive Content, Violence, Vulgar Language, Harassment, Promotion Of Drugs, Leaving Harmful Or Dangerous Content is as important as Topics. for example..

  • Entertainment: Instrumental Music, Songs, Dance, Comedy Sketches,
  • Tech: Reviews, Unboxing, Tech News, Tutorials, Apps Review, Game Play, How to, DIY (Do It Yourself).
  • Education: Tutorials, Syllabus Cover, Calculation Tips & Tricks, Programming, Personality Development, English Speaking,
  • Motivational, Career Counseling.
  • Vlog: Event Vlogging, Travel Vlogging.
  • Beauty Tips:
  • Cooking:

There will also be more shows on all topics, but there are some policies for them too. If you follow them then only you will show ads in future on your videos.

Note: Click here for information in Hindi about YouTube Policy

Policy for ads Friendly Topics / Videos:

  • When making a video, take full care of YouTube guidelines and make videos accordingly.
  • There should not be anything in your content that is against YouTube Policy like (Vulgar Language, Harassment, Sexual or Nudity, Violence)
  • Thumbnail and Title should be consistent with video.
  • Title should not contain any keyword that does not conform to the policy. Like (Hacking, Hack, Crack, Sex, Porn)
  • Before publishing Sponsored Video, mark on Include Paid Promotion.

Note: If you follow all these policies, then your YouTube Videos Ads will show and your revenue will also increase.

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Friends, I told about YouTube Ads Friendly Topics here. If you follow all these policies then 100% of your YouTube Videos will show High Revenue Ads and your Total Earning will increase.

The YouTube Community has now become very strict for all creators. In such a way it has become very difficult to serve on YouTube. If you want to stay on YouTube for a long time and want to increase your earnings, then you follow YouTube Policy.

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