How to Install a Custom Android Boot Animation

Hello Friends,In this post I tell about how to change your boot animation in android. When you are start the phone then you see animation that called Boot Animation. Just like you see Samsung phone when you on appear Samsung.Same as every phone have different boot animation.

Most Android phone’s boot animation has been boring. You have a problem with animation as well as you have a good-looking boot animation to help you with the tension, but you have to post it 2 methods, because of the fact that you can change the boot animation of your phone.

World’s largest mobile users used Android phones. What is Android? Android is an open source platform. You can customize your phone with an Android phone and you can add more information to your phone.

Boot animation is saved in the root folder of the folder that has been saved, but it is not recommended that you use it again, but it is still possible to open an android open source platform.

What is Boot Animation?

Whenever you have to switch on your phone, all the files are loaded, and the services are running so that you can use the boot process and you can use the phone to show the animation of the animation that has been used.

How to Change Boot Animation in Android

You have 2 methods. You can use any of them you want to use.Your phone are not Rooted and If you want to get your phone rooted for the most recent methods, please read this post – How to Root Android Phone ? Advantage and Disadvantage of Root.

1st Method – Es File Explorer

1. Download and open Google Play Store from the file explorer.

2. Select the 3 options on the left side of the menu and click on the Tools option.

3. Now scroll and find Root explorer and enable.

4. After that menu to local option and select “/”.

5. System >> Media menu and file find.
6. Rename the file, you can put own choice name.

7. Below link choose any one file as you like and download and rename the file name to bootanimation.

Top 100 Boot Animations

8. Ability to move the folder to the original file.

9. After successfully moved the file, reboot you phone.

10. Done ….! After reboot you see your boot animation change.

2nd Method – Boot Animation Application

1. First of all open play store and install the boot animation application and open it.

Install Boot Animations

2. You see many animation choose one which you want to applied.

3. Click on preview option to see preview and if you like any animation click on + icon.

4. Click on the option to restart your installation.

5. Now you can see boot animation was change.


You can change the boot animation of your phone from your computer and change your phone’s look. If you know that your phone is rooted and that it is a process that will allow you to use the root of the installation process,

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