How To Earn Money From Facebook

Make Money Via Facebook

How to Earn Money from Facebook or from Facebook had money? About 50 people asked me about it, so today I will tell you about how to make money from Facebook, how you can earn Rs 20,000 to 10,000 a month from home is from Facebook. But you need to read this article in full good only then you will understand if you have half-baked information Earn you can not have anything to Facebook, so if you read this post you read or not read complete.


Like you all know Facebook is the world’s largest and most Popular Social Networking website.1 billion people who are on Facebook Online to Make Money Online is very important because making money online is very important thing.

•Online money making from the (Source)
•Where is making money online (Destination or Facebook User)

Earn money online with Facebook User Destination or so is simply a place for them coherence and your destination or User Source (Make Money Source) how to do it in front of them, I must take it with you I will tell to explain well.


Things necessary to earn money from Facebook:

How to earn Money from Facebook or from Facebook, how the money earned before knowing about it is important to know what you have to earn money from the Facebook many like of things I should have told you before that has occurred Money Earn From Facebook you must have 2 things.Source (the money earned) and Destination (where earned money).

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Facebook on how to raise Destination or User:

First, the people on your Facebook Account (1000 10000 Minimum) will have to add the option for Facebook is a lot Where by you people (Destination or User) can connect to the Facebook.


#1-Facebook group: Facebook connect people at the Destination and the easiest way to raise you from your Facebook Account Group is creating a lot of people can connect with.

#2-Facebook page: facebook page or Facebook use the Destination Page mobilization little rough but if you add the people is very easy to make money from if you have Facebook page on Facebook, you can not add the people itself is Interest, which will connect to your Page will include only.

For example- you created pages on Facebook “Affiliate Earning Zone” on this page, only people whom join the Affiliate Earning Interest in Affiliate Marketing is to do or are.

#3-Facebook Buy & Sale Group: If you do not have any Facebook Group or Page Facebook user Connet where 1,000 or more, then, is that if you want to monetize Facebook and then your Facebook Account open “Facebook Buy & Sale Group” create you on how to earn money from Facebook (Facebook how money earned) from the Group Join you.Those you can connect with them and from here or Facebook user to a Destination Connect with may.


#Facebook Earning Source:

Many of you have your Facebook Account Destination (Facebook User, Group, Page) then you need to add this to make money from Facebook (How to Earn Money from Facebook) to engage with some Earning Source. Popular Earning Source gives you something I’m about to tell you.

#1- Affliate Marketing: Online Affiliate Marketing To Make Money Most Popular Source because it is you made no effort to earn a million bucks simply any online Affiliate Program (Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Ebay, Bluehost Etc) from will join.

#2-Promotion: If you have a blog, you can share your blog on Facebook or you can increase your blog’s Earning a Blogger, App Developer, Website Designer, Product Firm from his Blog, App, Design Promotion and can make money.

Note: Any type of promotion you must have facebook group or page,where you have 10000 members or 10000 likes.

#3-Product Sale: If you have any Shop, Firm Your Product to Facebook so you can share with your Financial Status Increase or someone you work and you Marketing Company for the Sale of a Product So you got to Facebook to help Target Complete your Target can have your salary Increment.

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How to earn money from Facebook:

Now you must understand that money where earn (Source) and which earn money (Destination). Now all you need is to understand how to earn money by making their use.So let’s see …


# 1.How to earn money from Facebook by Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing to Make Money Account Create at first you do any Affiliate Network.Affiliate for example-Flipkart, Amazon affiliate, affiliate snapdeal.

Now you that you should Affiliate link in the Product of the Product by URL Address Copy. Affiliate account and open the “Affiliate link Generator” paste in the url of the product offering. And then click on OK to Link Generate.

For Example- Flipkart Affiliate you have created your Account Product search then you Flipkart Shopping site any time by the Product Link Address Copy  open after Flipkart Affiliate program and the Product to the link “Affiliate Link generator “by Paste link” Go “click on the affiliate link Generate  product will be.


Now you can link to the Facebook Page, Group, or give shares to Buy & Sale Group click on the link, allowing you to share any User, Product Buy the Product to you so that you’ll get 10% of Price.Product buy the more time you will get Rs 500 every buy products.


#2- Facebook Promotion on how the money earned from:

If you have a Facebook Group or Page on which such member or like 10,000 then you can make money just by Promotion on Facebook you have to Contact Promotion of the people.

Note: Create account on and share your Facebook page or group.Which people want promotions direct contact you.


I hope you guys “How to earn money from Facebook” best information about the question, because I have found a post from Facebook to make money is the easiest and most Popular informed about how these very easily with one month 5000 could earn an additional Rs 10,000 and also a lot of ways that you can make money on Facebook such as “make money on Facebook Ads”. Hope you liked this post and I am helpful to you! If you have any suggestions or ideas regarding this post, so you must comment to us.

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